Cant use ReiNAND or H&S

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    Feb 13, 2016
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    Hi guys,
    Ive a problem which F*cks me so hard up since 10 hours!
    The problem which annoying me is ReiNAND, I cant install it proberly...If i try to boot ReiNAND trough
    Ctr Boot Menu i get stuck in Back screen just one time that i dont got stuck in Black screen.
    and also i use Linux (LINUX RULES :P) and the terminal says if i try to create FBI.apps its not working
    i get every time a message that says that the file which i want to inject is to big than HS xD.
    The hell i know why its not working but for everone else its working xD why not for me??

    -Downgraded from 10.5 to 9.2 (WHY DID I DO THAT? 10.5 was so good;( )
    -Iam a noob with Nintedo 3ds CFW im knew :P but Im not silly as hell so STFU xD (sorry Im depressiv after trying to get that SHIT run properly sinc 10 hours..)
    -GĂ©rmany bad english is a must xD
    Help me im so depressive thank to ReiNAND :(
    and dont forget Im using Linux !