Can't get Neek2o working

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    May 16, 2016
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    Hey guys. I am having a really hard time figuring this out.
    Not sure what parts of this information will help you guys help me but I am going to post it anyway

    I have a white Wii with serial number LU5********
    Here is the system check I just did before posting this

    I used ModMii to create the nand and is the report it gave me afterwards
    this is what is gets stuck on when I try to launch neek2o from the Wii (actual nand) menu

    External Drive
    Here is the way I have my external drive formatted
    The path on my drive leading to the nand is USB:\nands\pl_us
    "pl_us" being the created nand folder

    SD Card
    I am using a Lexar 4 GB SDHC SD card of that matters. It's formatted to FAT32 with 32k clusters

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. If there is any additional information that would be of use just let me know.
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