Cancelled pre-order; still got delivered?!?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by R2DJ, Nov 20, 2012.

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    So here's the jiffy. This happened to me for two games and I'm not gonna mention the stores where I pre-ordered the games so it won't appear that I'm sharing an exploit to everyone. Do take note though that the stores are online.

    Back in August, I pre-ordered Borderlands 2 for the 360 because it was only offered for £17.99 (glitch). I then looked at my bank account after pre-ordering and noticed I only had £30 left so I cancelled it 2 hours later. I went on holiday for a week and when I came back home, I saw a DVD parcel. I was curious. I was surprised to discover that it's actually Borderlands 2! Even more surprising that a receipt was also included, showing that I paid £17.99 for it.

    Recently, I pre-ordered Assassin's Creed 3 for £34.99. That was the cheapest offer around, until I went to a local store and they were offering it for £2 cheaper. When I got home, I immediately cancelled the pre-order. The day AC3 came out, I popped in the local store, only to find out that they ran out of stock (despite the seller telling me that I'd be guaranteed a copy so he didn't require pre-orders...coincidence). Didn't want to wait for stock to come in so I just caved in and bought it from a nearby store for RRP (£42.99). The next day, the pre-order that I delivered to me! Second time it has happened to me now.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I never returned them because it's their own fault and irresponsibility. Especially for the case of BL2, they had almost a month to know that I cancelled the pre-order.
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    Ive had something "similar" recently with an Ipad3.

    I ordered one on line (but I wont say where) and after about a week it had still not been delivered (nor had i been charged for it). Anyway, I was told that it was due for Dispatch on a Monday and would be with me within a couple of days. This did not happen and I called them again on the Thursday and they apologised and said it would be with me on the Friday or Saturday. By Monday this still wasn't with me so I called them back and this time, they couldnt tell me what the status of my order was or provide me with a tracking number, so angrily I told them to stick it after being messed around for two weeks.

    So about 3 days later, I signed for an Ipad which I had cancelled. Its sat in its box unopened and still to this day (3 weeks later) ive had no call from the company I cancelled it with nor have I been charged.

    Im not going to contact them, sod it. Its not my issue. If i've not been charged for it or had any communication by Xmas ill open it up and keep it
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    Where is this magical place you keep ordering these games from?
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    if its with GAME they have problems like this all the time

    i Paid for Black & White 2 and only paid 1 x£27.99 and received both games

    they also have a habit of not charging for orders because someone doesn't mark the order as sent and the system only charges once they have.
    i got a free Zelda 3DS because it was never marked as sent and is now out of stock :P