Can my laptop handle this?

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    Hi Tempers. I want to play persona 4 arena and persona 5 on my laptop via that RPCS3 emulator but i'd like to know if it can run it or not at playable speed.

    I have an asu rog gl502vm

    16GB RAM 2133MHz DDR4 2x8gb kingston

    1TB HGSt(with a bunch of other letters and numbers) HDD 7200 RPM write speed

    A gtx 1060 3gb edition(it hurts just to mention it..)

    I7 6700HQ @2.6-3.5GHz with turboboost

    A gamepad for the emator

    1920x1080 shitty LCD panel with really bad color accuracy.

    180W 19V 9.3A PSU and battery

    And a few other things.

    Will it run ps3 games or at least persona 4 arena and p5?

    Is the ps3 as demamding as the cemu emulator assuming the ps3 is weaker than the wii u?

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    WiiU has a 3 core 1.2ghz cpu.

    PS3 has a 3.2ghz cpu plus 8 x 3.2ghz spe.

    WiiU has more ram and a faster GPU, how that translates into emulation performance is not easy to estimate. It's not so much how powerful they are, but how simple it is to hook it up to Direct3d or OpenGL.
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    why wouldn't you just buy a ps3 or ps4 to play those games. those consoles are not expensive so much. especially ps4. it's cheaper than nintendo switch (at least in my country). you can sell your laptop and buy 4 ps4's.
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    Sell my expensive laptop for a ps3/ps4????? Wtf man! Lol nopppppp
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    Whats wrong with a GTX 1060, either than vram only being 3GB?
    I have no experience running PS3 emulators but why can't you try it out?
    And yes, I agree selling the laptop for a console is madness.
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    I forgot
    Probably, but don't expect perfect 60fps 24/7.

    Your first problem here is you're using a laptop. RPCS3 requires a decently powerful CPU to pull off proper emulation, and unfortunately laptop CPUs aren't exactly "decently powerful" compared to their desktop counterparts (of course). I have an i5 7600k, which plays a couple "playable" PS3 games well enough with minimal frame drops. I believe on average I'd get around 45-50FPS in Demon's Souls during "most" areas, and my i5 7600k is ~ 40-50% or so faster than your i7 6700HQ by most benchmarks.

    Then there's things like thermal throttling you have to worry about, where your laptop will lower it's performance after a certain temperature threshold is reached, which will cause massive frame drops while playing. This is something you're guaranteed to hit, since RCPS3 will be pushing your CPU pretty hard, and all laptops (sans those real expensive water cooled ones, kek) have pretty abysmal cooling.

    And then there's just the state of RPCS3. While a lot of games are at a "playable" point, that point usually means "only some graphical/audio bugs, and probably only runs 80% speed on modern, consumer grade desktop i5s and i7s". The devs of RPCS3 aren't necessarily making a living off of developing RPCS3 like the devs of Cemu are (for comparison, Cemu makes over $10k a month from Patreon donations for two people, and RPCS3 makes a little over $3k a month for mainly 2-3 people), so it's more of a "side project", not necessarily a full time job like Cemu is.
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    Buy a cheap PS3 and hack it
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    Try it, we don't fucking know