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    Released: February 22nd, 2011
    Rated M for Language, alcohol use, and excessive blood and gore​

    One of the most inventive and rewarding games to come out in years is brought to you by the people at Epic games and People Can Fly, who did the Gears of War series on the PC. Shown last year, Bulletstorm was impressive from the get go. The game didn't look like a normal FPS, and Cliffy B promised us that it wouldn't feel anything like Gears. And it really doesn't.

    The game starts off introducing you to a drunken space pirate named Greyson Hunt, voiced by the very talented Steven Blum of Cowboy Bebop fame. After carrying out an order under your CO, you crash land onto a planet full of crazed Mad Max-esque psychopaths. Armed with only your gun and soon a leash that can pull people towards you and destroy scenery, you must exact revenge on the man who pretty much ordered the destruction of entire planet.

    One of the few bosses of the game, the FlyTrap is nothing like the one in Metroid Prime.

    First of all, the game looks beautiful. Built off the same Unreal engine as Gears 3, Bulletstorm swaps out the bland, grey dismal areas from Gears and instead sports a colorful, yet dismal cityscape. There isn't a huge variety of guns, but enough to keep you sated. Most of the time, you'll be using your Combine, which is similar to Gears' Lancer, without the chainsaw. Each weapon has their secondaries, and it's almost like having a whole new gun. In addition, the leash also acts as a weapon, and when fully upgraded, can be used to smash your enemies into the ground, and everything around it. Enemies don't vary much either, only having the basic small-time gunners, followed by heavies, and then mini-bosses, who take a little longer to take down. Of course there are snipers and bulky troops, but nothing should stand in your way.

    There isn't much to think about in BS, the game mostly is there for entertainment purposes. The script isn't bogged down by lengthy backstory, and is peppered with enough slurs and obscenity to keep even the most headstrong of parents to boycott the game. You're accompanied by your cyborg partner Ishi Sato most of the time and later followed by the rough tongued Trishka, and while they are mostly iffy AI, they also serve as a peanut gallery, and offer quite the along-the-ride dialogue. Speaking of AI, the enemies are smart, but most of them will just run in shooting gleefully, waiting for their inevitable demise. Again, this isn't a fault, this just means you have more time having fun killing. This is a mindless shooter at heart. If you're looking for depth, this isn't the game for you. The game was made for highest score possible, just like the old days. Finding new ways to kill your foes is interesting and rewarding, but also helps you be the best on the leaderboards.

    Shoot a guy in the neck for Gag Reflex. Shoot him in the ass for Rear Entry. There are many ways to kill, and each with their own witty name.


    I liked how easy it was to pick up. The game is immersive enough to pick up and go, but easy and mindless enough not to care. It's practically an arcade shooter. I also liked how the game doesn't spend too much time getting you in tune with the characters. They have their strifes, and there are short cutscenes progressing the story, but most of it is humorous. In fact the whole script is mired in comedy, one of the best I've heard in years. It's crude, hilarious, and keeps you interested. Greyson isn't that one-dimensional character, he actually has feelings and isn't a mindless-killing machine. The player will feel that conflict, and draw their own conclusion.

    I also liked the fact that the online isn't really competitive. There isn't a deathmatch, at least not yet, and I don't think there needs to be. Epic claims this is because it would break the game, but instead offers a mode called Anarchy, which is a lot like Gears' Horde mode, but with a story. Rack up the most points and be the best. It is some serious fun, if only to promote teamwork. Another mode is called Echoes, which is essentially a time trail of snippets of the game, which is also co-op. Together these modes eliminate the need to always be against something and promote working together.

    As I said before, the game is beautiful and is addictive despite doing the same action over and over again. One of my favorite guns was the sniper, which could be shot and the bullet directed. As it's secondary, each bullet could be exploded remotely. Each gun has it's own fun, like the flail and cannonball guns.

    Anarchy mode is like Horde mode, but Cliffy B assures us, it's not the same.


    The game is incredibly short. 7 acts with about 2-4 chapters in each. The game can be finished in about 6 hours, but the promise of future DLC should extend that. It's not so much of a complaint, but by the time you get all the guns, you really don't have a lot of time to play with the later weapons, and it feels like it was just over too quickly. The game does kinda set up for a sequel, so that's always something to look forward to.

    Another thing I was kinda iffy about was the stupid AI. As fun as they made it, there really wasn't a challenge, and by the end of the game, I was kicking people into spikes just to move on, almost getting bored with it. There is some repetitiveness, but a lot of times, I feel like there is just a group of baddies to help me get all my skill kills. There's not that much of a replay value unless you're easily sucked into the frenzy.

    BOTTOM LINE: Must rent for sure. It's worth a look. It's a short adventure that demands attention, but might not be worth a full purchase. That might change if they add some great DLC and maybe some more MP modes. But if anything else, rent before you buy. You won't regret it. It's almost impossible not to smile while playing this game. Kicking someone into an electrical storm or blowing a huge monster into heli blades are amazingly fun to watch, and time and time again, this game will make your jaw drop.

    FINAL SCORE: 92% (Out of 100%)
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    Hows the online multiplayer working out? From what I've read, I guess there is no plan for any ffa? I was raving about the game until I played the PS3 demo.
    lol it's madworld 2
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    Yes, this review times 100. Very satisfied with this game. Me and my roommate were howling with laughter at some of the lines, and the broken doors looked like a certain red ringed failure in real life. As soon as we got the joke, we paused the game and had a real life rofl.
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    Man whats up with all the short games thats been coming recently, I'll still pick it up for PS3 when I get the chance.
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    They like to make things look nice >.>

    lol... So it's worth the buy? or should I rent?
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    That short, eh? Worth a rent most def.
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    Read the bottom line. Definitely worth a rent, I personally don't think so much a buy.