Built-in NVRAM installer on Old 3DS

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    Jun 27, 2012
    Hello guys,

    I think I screwed up something on my nintendo 3ds by installing the build-in NVRAM on a old 3ds

    I did that because I wanted to do the exploit using the DS Profile instead of the browser, since my system it's on 9.2 and I did not want to loose any of my retail saves.

    Now I can't start emunand, I have already restored the nand but still can't do that ...

    It says that I need to insert the gateway in the slot but the gateway is already in there ...

    Now my system does not detect any of my retail games (3ds and ds) on the slot cartridge, not even blue card.

    I have already tried restoring the sysnand using the gateway menu, formating the entire 3ds but it still can't detect any of my games in the cartridge slot ...

    Please help ...

    Sorry about my english ...