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  1. Slagathor

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    Feb 25, 2009
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    Hey all, just got my family a Wii Sunday, been contemplating a mod chip, I soft modd'd our original Xbox
    cause children are hard on originals.
    Anywase, I went looking for modchips, and theyw ere asking for the drivechip version.
    I put in the serial number and not enough info.

    Anyone got an idea what chip to get??

    I can solder, I have done many volt mods on motherboards and videocards, but would prefer not too......

    Thanks for your time...
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    Jan 8, 2009
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    I got a Wii for my family (one little one and the wife) and we've all been enjoying it since Christmas. I chose to softmod mine because I'm reasonably certain that it has the black goo on the drive chip. So far, 100% of the backups I've downloaded have worked (about 75 so far). We also enjoy playing games from my past on the emulators and have a few homebrew games that are fun also. So I guess I'd recommend doing the software mod for now and shopping around for a mod-chip when and if you decide to go that route. You'll probably find that the software mod does everything you need (i.e. playing backups, so you originals don't get destroyed by the rug rats).
  3. ften

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    Easiest way is to open your Wii up and look at the drive chip, it will tell you your drive chip version on your chip.
    See below for an example;

    The site I yanked that image from actually has a pretty good tutorial/info;