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    So no video cuz im at school and lack 3 arms
    Also killzone is giving me errors so ill explain as best i can

    This also only covers the first level since i have found a way out of bounds in almost every level and i dont feel like typing that much

    Step 1
    Murder everyone but dont start the wingsuit cutscene
    Also laugh at the guy you fused into the floor with a shotgun

    Step 2
    Get on top of this bench and use it to get on top of the pillar
    Then use the pillar to jump around the invisible wall an jump off the right side of the debris pile
    You are now out of bounds
    and you can find some intetesting stuff
    2018-05-07 08.23.14.jpg
    Like the bottom of the skybox
    2018-05-07 08.24.09.jpg
    Or this… Thing…

    I was gonna write how to get the other bondary breaks for this level but you have no idea how slow it is to type here using my phone
    Ill edit it in later

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    Jul 13, 2014
    The fuck is up with your camera
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    Factory defect
    Too lazy to fix
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    Jan 13, 2015
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    I wish people still played this. I used to be really good, but I lost my save some time ago and now no one plays. Can't get my rank up.

    BTW, anyone notice that you have the perspective of a midget in this game? It bugs the piss outta me.
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