BotW Alternate Cutscenes? (spoiler)

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    Dec 9, 2015
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    well, in my second playthrough i decided "what would happen if i skipped it?"

    I got to the part where you meet Prince Sidon at the bridge where you traverse an hour long path to get to zoras domain and sidon encourages you to keep going, after that you he greets you at the entrance to zoras domain and in the throneroom.

    so instead i traversed the rainy mountains around zoras domain, and yes it took just as long, because theres a constant rain in that area for a specific reason. But i ended up flying straight down into Zora's Domain and... no greeting from Sidon and when i got the the throne room there was a completely different cutscene with full voice over. i was surprised but not really, seeing that this game is well designed.

    Any of you guys experience anything like this too?