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    Jun 3, 2015
    Hi, for some time now I'm translating my 3ds to Polish, I have some issues with banners in "L4A4 (Grayscale)" format COMMON.PNG files, Ohana and Ohana Rebirth don't support them, and I can't translate some system titles banners, but I almost found a solution:
    I started with "Health and Safety Information" banner1.bcmdl (129KB) normally I get this:
    But I found a other banner1.bcmdl (129KB) "Mii Maker" that had the same scale, but only COMMON1 file inside in "RGBA4444" format so I did this:
    in photoshop, and Imported into "Mii Maker" COMMON1:
    made and installed a "Health and Safety Information PL.cia" file and it worked:
    But when a tried to do the same with "Nintendo 3DS Camera" banner1.bcmdl (97KB), I got this:

    So I'm asking anyone for help.
    What I need is a banner1.bcmdl (97KB) with COMMON1(512x128) and COMMON2(512x128) files inside in "RGBA4444" or any other format, except "L4A4 (Grayscale)" inside. I tried to find it my self but, all I found in all my installed cias was only with COMMON1 file, or files in different names, and more then 2 inside, and the scale was to small. So please if someone has a banner1.bcmdl like that please help me and share in with me in PM, or give me a link to a banner editor that supports banner1.bcmdl files with more then one texture inside, and supports "L4A4 (Grayscale)" format.
    Thanks in advance.

    I did it so if someone is trying to find banner1.bcmdl file that I asked for then you still can share it in PW, it may come in handy, but here is what I did:
    I made those two files in photoshop (COMMON1.png and COMMON2.png)
    COMMON1.png is in "L4A4 (Grayscale)" format so I Imported into "Mii Maker" banner1.bcmdl COMMON1, then replaced it with the one in"Nintendo 3DS Camera", and COMMON2.png to COMMON2 in banner0.bcmdl file of "Nintendo 3DS Camera":
    and that did the trick, behold:

    After searching and failing to find the right banner1.bcmdl file I had an affinity, looking at my first attempt above, I've notice that only COMMON1 was translated and COMMON2 wasn't found in banner1.bcmdl so it loaded COMMON2 from Japanese default COMMON2 in banner0.bcmdl, so I figerd if I can replace the default COMMON2 with my translation, it will combine into one Polish banner, and I was right:toot::toot::toot:
    Its been 2 years, and like always the solution was simple, but I still would like to have a link to a banner editor that supports banner1.bcmdl files with more then one texture inside, and supports "L4A4 (Grayscale)" format. So please if someone has it then post it here, and I hope I could help someone with my solution to, bye.
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