Automatic 4:3 Aspect Ratio with Gamecube games?

Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by fallenturtle, Oct 9, 2016.

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    Out of the box, the Wii has 4:3 mode and 16:9 mode and these can be switched between in the settings. My issue with this was always that most GC games are in 4:3 and so if I wanted them to look right on my Wii (which is attached to a wide screen) I'd have to manually go into the Wii settings and switch aspect ratios, which I found annoying.

    Now that I'm in the world of backup loaders, I was hoping there might be a setting that will automatically play gamecube in 4:3 and Wii in 16:9 without me having to toggle something every time.

    Currently I'm using USB Loader GX and Nintendont. I've tried looking through settings but I have yet to find the right combination of settings to do this. Is it possible?

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    This is a problem with the Wii itself.
    the wii is not sending a widescreen picture (always 640px width, whether you set widescreen or not).

    The WiiU has a real widescreen setting.
    If you have a WiiU, you can play gamecube games from the vWii mode and nintendont will use the proper aspect ratio (with black bar on the side without the need to edit your TV setting or your WiiU video settings)

    On Wii, what you could do is enable the nintendont's widescreen option, which will render a wider area of the game on the screen and prevent the distorted effect. But some games are not looking good with that option (for example paper mario).
    or you can try to set your TV to output in 4:3 without touching the Wii video settings.