Hardware ARCrypt help? VBA, FireRed JP.


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Mar 22, 2010
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Alright, well I'm not a complete idiot when it comes to making my own codes for games, I started on the PSP, worked some with my SCDSTwo and am currently working on VBA-m... with pokemon Fire Red.
Now I know FR/LG have some DMA/randomization problems that CAN be defeated and have been with AR codes, but the problem is that I'm trying to hack up FireRed's Japanese game (because I own the cart) and there does not appear to be a good amount of codes for the JP ROM. At least, everywhere I've searched I've been unable to find a no-DMA and anti-memcrypt code for it.
So I got the idea I'd try to convert the codes that I need to RAW format, and remembered ARCrypt.
(note: I got this idea because I've had success with converting the Codebreaker teleport codes to the japanese ROM, manually)

The issue being the last time I heard about ARCrypt I was like 12, so I'm by no means an expert and have no idea what I need to do to get the correct codes to output. Flipping off "expert mode", pasting the code in the left box, checking ARv3/4 for the left section and RAW for the right section, and hitting process, results in a couple lines that are obviously wrong, as the address for the first line's 00000000... which would be the BIOS.

Now thinking at least part of it might be correct, I opened up my FR US ROM (I own that as well) and VBA's memory viewer, going to each section of the output, thinking maybe ONE of these lines is an address.

But as you can probably guess, none of them (as addresses) changed when I enabled the AR code.
I got the idea that doing a full memory dump would help me to see what the code was changing, but remembering that it's an anti-randomization code, the "code off" dump would probably have a bunch of junk to sort through that was randomized.

TL;DR</conclusion> The codes I'm trying to convert are from loadingNOW's AR faq on gamefaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/gba/918915-pokemon-firered-version/faqs/28392
And I'd really like some help getting the Anti-DMA code and the Anti-memcrypt in RAW format, or any suggestions as to how I can go about figuring their RAW counterparts out without ARCrypt.
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