Arc Rise Fantasia - character name change mod/hack/code

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    Edit: It was a nightmare sending this from my phone. I've fixed some stuff in my post.

    "Party Members Modify [AlexWong]
    04449E58 00000000
    04449E5C 00000001
    04449E60 00000002
    04449E64 00000003
    04449E68 00000004
    04449E6C 00000005
    I think that would affect the story.
    00 L'Arc
    01 Ryfia
    02 Serge
    03 Rastan
    04 Cecille
    05 Leslie
    06 Alf
    07 Adele
    08 Niko
    09 Clyde
    0A Dynos
    0B Adele 2
    Hacked by RITZ for NTSC-JP, ported by AlexWong to NTSC-U/C."

    hi, I need a hand with this if any one can help. :)

    I plan on finding a way to play an undubbed version of this game. good gosh are the english VAs disappointing.

    they made another serious mistake by not letting me choose names for the characters. all I can find is this and it would appear that it just switches the names around...
    and the ntsc transcriber thinks that it affects the story of the game..... I need to enter my own names! Is it even possible?

    Thanks, friends.
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    May 11, 2014
    where and how to place these codes?