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    Sep 7, 2016
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    so i was setting up a bunch of plugins for wii flow but when i loaded the not64 emulator to try it my wii crashed and i thought eh its 3am ill drop it for now and pick it up in the morning but when i got up and tried the sd card it was blank at first then i refreshed and it showed the folders again but the apps one was gone which took me 30 mins to figure out cause i went to the hbc and could not find my apps luckily i only need wii flow but still its a bit wierd that it just vanishes like that. has this happened to anyone else?

    sorta having issues now with wii flow in itslf some of the box covers look corrupted and the plugins menu crashes wii flow

    think i got it fixed had to delete all wiiflow stuff including the save on the wii itself and then everything returned to normal seems like the save got corrupted somehow most likely from the crash last night.
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