Any way to view/extract model data on Switch games?

Discussion in 'Switch - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Cyber Akuma, Jul 26, 2017.

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    As the title says, the Switch seems to be using the same szs 3D model format for games as the WiiU and 3DS did, though I haven't had much luck with the tools I attempted to use so far.

    In attempting to use UWizard, an old WiiU tool for extracting this data, and SARCExtract both of them complained that "Little endian is not supported". I looked this up and apparnetly this was a common issue with attempting to extract 3DS data with WiiU tools, as WiiU used Big Endian and 3DS used Little Endian. I guess it makes sense that the underlying code on the Switch is closer to what was used on the 3DS than the WiiU since they are both ARM based.

    They seemed to be able to "decompress" the szs archives, but not view their contents after decompression.

    Anyway, so I attempted several 3DS tools, notably EveryFileExplorer.... but I didn't have much luck with that either. Pretty much same issue, can decompress... but it just sees a single file that's nothing more than a hex address as it's contents.
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    hmm, I thought being able to backup save file seems more important than anything else if we do have the hax. But that could be just me.
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    I used this tool to extract the resulting SARC after decompressing the SZS. It worked perfect with SARC files from the ARMS romfs and after extraction you should see a BFRES model file in the output folder (BFRES is the actual model data).

    As for viewing them, Random Talking Bush over at VG Resource is still working on a Switch BFRES importer script, so we're still going to be waiting a while before we can do anything...