Any JRPGs for the DS?

Discussion in 'NDS - Console and Game Discussions' started by Excellentnuke, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. Excellentnuke

    Excellentnuke GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    May 19, 2008
    United States
    On a boat
    I'm currently playing Nostalgia and I'm looking for some JRPGs to pass the time until SMT: Strange Journey and Ragnarok Online DS come out. Anyone got any good ones?
  2. Ruri

    Ruri GBAtemp Advanced Fan

    Jul 20, 2007
    United States
    Glory of Hercules just came out. It's definitely worth playing -- very fun mechanics, with each piece of equipment granting up to three different powers (a spell, an activated skill, and a passive skill.) Plus your characters each have their own list of innate skills, spells, and passive abilities, and you can have a party of up to five people at once, I think...
  3. DeMoN

    DeMoN GBAtemp Guru

    May 12, 2004
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    Glory of Heracles and Sands of Destruction are your best choices right now, as both are fairly recent releases. Of course, if you liked Nostalgia then I'd recommend Final Fantasy 3 and 4, but you might have already played them.
  4. Satangel

    Satangel BEAST

    Nov 27, 2006
    Bruges, Belgium
    Add Dragon Quest IV and V too.
    You got a shitload of JRPG's for the DS.
    Here's my list with favorites:

    Chrono Trigger
    The World Ends with you
    Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    Pokemon Pearl
    Pokemon Diamond
    Lunar Knights
    Etrian Odyssey II: Heroes of Lagaard
    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon
  5. elixirdream

    elixirdream GBAtemp Legend

    May 27, 2008
    6th Dimention
    Soma Bringer with english Patch
  6. mrfatso

    mrfatso That guy!!

    Apr 17, 2008
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    Wizard of Oz beyond the yellow brick road
    A witch tale
    Diseage DS
    Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the saiyan
    Dragonball origin
    Herps Saga Laevatein Tactics
    Phantasy Star Zero
    Pokemon Ranger Shadows of Almia

    and heck, don forget Final Fantasy 3 & 4
  7. EnigmaXtreme

    EnigmaXtreme GBAtemp Maniac

    Jan 1, 2009
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    Want Nostalgia, cant go past Chrono Trigger, or you can pray for an Earthbound port.
  8. Flame

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    Jul 15, 2008
    i second this
  9. outgum

    outgum Pokemanz Master

    Sep 22, 2009
    New Zealand
    Hamilton, New Zealand
    I second this second, BUT ill give a reason? This is actually the BEST JRPG ive played i believe, with the exclusion of Pokemon SS (lol)
    Its got a nice story and cool gameplay, i guess you can play Phantasy Star 0 also.

    Sands of Destruction is good, And i second the World Ends with you, Best storyline i liked on the DS personally
  10. Bake

    Bake GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 19, 2008
    But it's kinda monotonous later at the game.

    Back to topic: KH 358/2 Days, Suikoden Tierkreis, FF Crystal Chronicles.
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