1. DoudouNova

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    Sep 24, 2018
    Hello !
    So here :) I am new on the forum and French also I have to translate the answers, therefore forgive me if I do not respect a rule of a forum or other.

    • My question is about the texture hack for Animal Crossing NewLeaf,
    I had no problem with the tutorial (which is also perfect thanks to the person!) Some adaptation problems to get used to I had to train to get to the end and when
    import the object edit I have an image resolution error message.

    • But I checked the size before modifying it and it was unchanged unchanged unless it changed when I imported the files on the computer and it adapted to photoshop? It's pretty problematic for me to have to rewire the game again, it's learned almost a whole night. - I feel like I'm starting to lose hope. It may seem simple for some people, but the mistake is human.

    Thanks for your help ! I have discord to simplify the contact :)

    I imagine that the question has already been asked several times sorry if it is the case as I say I must translate!
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