An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button...

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    Mar 25, 2010
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    I had been using USB Loader GX for awhile until I had to reformat my external USB HD.

    After the reformat USB Loader GX was having problems recognizing my drive and would freeze. I fixed this be reformatting again.
    Then, whenever I clicked on a game it would freeze so I turned on the AutoRun option to open up games directly.

    Now I'm at my most current problem. No matter which game I load, it gives me the "An error has occurred. Press the Eject Button, Remove the Game Disc, and turn the power OFF." screen.

    Help would be most appreciated.

    I'm using System Menu 4.2U
    I've followed the Hacking guide on
    I have used Hermes v4 for 222/223/202
    Also have used Wanineko's cIOS program on IOS 36.
    My current GX loader is 938 and I recently updated the Homebrew Channel.

    My Game Load settings have the 002 error set to anti and the IOS as 222 as well.

    I'm not sure if this is also related but my Disc Channel is stuck on the System Update screen. I can't run any discs from it now.

    Again, thank you everyone for your help.