"An error has occurred" Neogamma Gamecube multiISO issues :(

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    Jul 1, 2009
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    So get this:
    I made 2 multi-game ISOs:
    one of of Goldeneye: Rouge Agent+G:RA Disc 2+007: From Russia With Love
    the other of 007: Nightfire+Super Smash Bros Melee+Godzilla Destroy All M.M.

    All but the Goldeneye and Nightfire games work when loaded with a Neogamma r7.something channel that loads gamecube backup loader 0.2 for these games

    When either Goldeneye or Nightfire is loaded, it says "Liscenced by Nintendo" (did I spell liscenced right? anywho...) and then goes to a black screen with the text: "An error has occurred. Please refer to the Gamecube instruction manual for further steps" (or something like that). How to I FIX this?
    Any help is greatly (as always, m8s) appreciated [​IMG]

    ...chances are, I posted this in the wrong section... if so, sorry!