Am I able to replace character models in Smash 3DS?

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    Sep 22, 2015
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    I am using braindump, which was just released, to get my files. Am I able to edit character models, sound, and character portraits?

    Am I able to edit character alts in Smash 3DS?

    Last but not least, how exactly do I replace music in Smash 3DS? I don't understand any of the guides out right now. I'm on version 10.1 with a N3DS using themehax and HANS.
  2. LoganK93

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    If you use the Custom Music site, you can choose a song to download in the NUS3BANK file type, and can choose a song from the 3ds to have it go over. Now I'm not fully sure how HANS does things as I haven't used it yet, but there should be a folder called sound in the romfs before you turn it into whatever HANS uses, and in there should be a bunch of NUS3BANK files with less-than-specific names. Replace one of those and then work your magic and if all went well you should have your custom music.

    As for alts or character edits in general, as far as I know there is not tool able to edit or replace character textures or models yet, unfortunately. (Although if I've missed any information on the matter I would love to be proven wrong about this as Smash Modding was one of my favorite things on wii).
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    Sep 5, 2015
    Really hope someone achieves this i want snake and sora