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  1. TheTwoR's

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    Aug 5, 2010
    Guys, please, don't complain.
    I searched GBAtemp for threads relating "Acekard vs. Supercard" and found a few, but believe me, it's worth making this 4th or 5th one because I'm having a different problem here.
    I've had an Acekard2i, but my cousin was dying for it. I told him I'd sell it for a million dollars, and he literally asked his dad for a million dollars but came back crying 'cause didn't have that much. Okay, I didn't wanna scam him, so I asked for something less. Like, a brand new SoulSilver game still in packaging, and we traded. Yes he took a used AceKard and I took a new game [​IMG]
    So look, I'm gonna need a new flashcart, to run homebrew. I don't pirate NDS games (I'm a good guy [​IMG] ), but when a game is really something, I download it just to try it on my card. Otherwise, I'd probably download it to have all my games on one card.

    I pirate GBA games however, because they're no longer sold. At least, not where I live.

    I'm definitely getting myself an EZFlash3in1, but I'm gonna need a Slot-1 card as well.

    My two options are quite typical. Acekard and Supercard.


    Pros: -Updated frequently enough, but could use some updates more often [​IMG]
    - Compatible with pretty much every game
    - Loads cheats
    - Has a neat GUI
    - Can copy, rename, and delete files on msd card
    - Loads homebrew
    - Auto DLDI patching
    - Can load text files, audio files, and video files
    - Compatible with all DS's so far, even fw 1.4.1
    - Good battery life
    - Team responds fast when contacting them

    Cons: -Its own firmware SUCKS!
    - AK team relies on AKAIO, an unofficial firmware to do all the work. (please note that the pros above were written for AKAIO)
    - Team is too lazy to update website more often
    - No real time save/cheats.
    - No GBA emulation (Not exactly a con, but in comparison to the DS2, it kind of is [​IMG] )

    Conclusion: Good card. But unreliable as all the good functions come from an unofficial firmware should could stop being developed at any time.


    Pros:-Everything the Acekard has, except for the battery life
    -Neater GUI than Acekard
    -Supports GBA emulation
    -Supports Real Time save/cheats

    Cons:-No cons, other than the battery life and price!

    Conclusion: Clearly a better card than the Acekard, but I feel like an AKAIO betrayer to take this one [​IMG] It's a bit pricey, so when you're suggesting that I take this card PLEASE convince me to pay an extra 20 bucks for this. Especially since I don't pirate games anyway, so I rarely use flashcards anyway.

    So? Vote vote vote! [​IMG] And consider the price please!!

    Somewhat off-topic question: When people say the DS2 has bad battery life, does it mean that the DS's general battery life will decrease or is it simply that the DS battery will be low faster when using the DS2? I mean like, say I've been playing non-stop, and the DS2 drained my DS's battery life. Then I charged my DS, and played an original retail game, will my DS's battery still be affected? Or is it just that the DS goes on low battery quickly when playing on my DS2? Thanks [​IMG]
  2. impizkit

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    Apr 6, 2010
    I will get blasted for this, but for GBA games with a 3in1, I would suggest a CycloDS. They haven't had the fasted updates lately, but that should change with their new cart coming out. I have found that the build in GBA functionality with the 3in1 is great. I have had my CycloDS since early 08 and it is still in perfect condition and has never failed me once. I also have a DSTwo but prefer the CycloDS. That is my input.
  3. RoMee

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    Sep 3, 2010
    United States
    lol...you're gonna get pages of flaming


    here's the $20 reason
    -the DSTWO has a better chance of working on the 3DS
    -DSTWO uses the cpu to give you almost perfect compatibility without needing updates
    -Acekard is pretty much maxed out, DSTWO is just getting started

    acekard= ipod nano
    dstwo= ipod touch

    which do you prefer?
  4. EJames2100

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    May 9, 2008
    Acekard has perfect in-built support for the 3in1 and with DSTwo you have to use Rudolph's tool to load it.

    However between the DSTwo and the 3in1, all games work perfectly... well there's probably a couple dodgy ones so near perfect [​IMG]
  5. overdriver

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    Sep 27, 2010
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    No. using DsTwo does not degrade the battery of your DS. It just drains the battery faster while it is in your DS because it has an extra cpu in it. That's what other meant.

    It does not affect the battery life once it is taken out of DS.
  6. Chubbo1793

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    Dec 3, 2010
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    I don't see why people think the DSTWO is expensive, it cost just as much as a DS game.

    Anyway, I don't care about the battery life, I can just plug it in.
  7. Pyrmon

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    Sep 25, 2010
    It's more expensive than other carts. An acekard can go for 12-16$ and an R4 goes at 3-6$. So, comparing, 35-40$ is a bit pricey. But you have to take in consideration the CPU and RAM that's on the cart itself.
    And battery life is important for most people.
  8. TheTwoR's

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    Aug 5, 2010
    @Overdriver: Thanks loads for the reply. [​IMG]

    Well, it seems that no one is on team akaio here [​IMG]

    Ah well, time to get my self $60 for the 3in1 and SCDS2.

    As for impizkit, I don't think I like team Cyclo very much. I mean, they rarely update and... From the reviews I've seen and etc. I'd rather pick between the best 2 cards. [​IMG] Thanks though

    RoMee: Nice persuasive skills [​IMG]

    I'm getting the GBAtemp edition.
  9. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    The GBA emulator on the DS2 supports Real-Time Clock, for those who are interested in Pokémon.
    Having tried both the 3in1 and the DS2 myself, I can safely say I like NDSGBA more than the 3in1.
    Every game I want to play works almost flawlessly, the only problem being that the game seems to lag a little bit. It doesn't even affect gameplay, though.
  10. Pyrmon

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    Sep 25, 2010
    Always back up your saves on your MSD...
    And, just so you know, the DSTWO firmware is based of the Acekard RPG source, which is what AKAIO is based of off.
  11. tmac24

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    Apr 21, 2010
    Being from germany you should be able to get a dstwo cheap i got one for 30 euros thats with p&p the dstwo is the best cart going! dont mind it wasting your battery faster thats what the charger is for [​IMG]