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    Nov 15, 2013
    Looking for some advice. I installed Adrenaline with easyinstaller (with the bui8lt in mini). It works great except recently if I exit the eum when I try to open it again the screen just hangs at 'mini'. It will starte to work again if I reboot.

    My questions is, is it possible to make another 'back up' adrenaline bubble in exactly the same way I made the first one?

    Appreciate any help!

    EDIT: Just noticed that there is a an 'Adrenaline easy Installer -2' on Wololo. Has anyone used this? Is it is simple as running the vpk or do you need to download a game o0r the 661.PBP beforehand?

    EDIT: Mods, you can delete this threat.
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