Adding a PSN account without updating?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Bubsy Bobcat, Mar 27, 2016.

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    Jul 8, 2015
    Hey, I finally got my hands on a Vita (3.52) and I remember a while ago seeing a way to add a PlayStation Network account to a Vita without updating it through some sort of recovery mode, and I can't find the video that shows you how to do it, I do remember seeing it on a 3.18 cfw tutorial or something like that. Can someone kindly point a vita noob in the right direction please? :3 I do have a PS3 if that helps in any way. Thanks!
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    When you are setting up the Vita for the first time, you should be able to input your PSN ID and password for later use. (there's actually no update nags during the Vita setup process!)

    After that, you will need to activate the Vita through that PS3 of yours since you can't go onto PSN under the latest firmware and activate it there.

    Simply use the QCMA USB swap trick explained in my guide, and then transfer any content from the PS3 to the Vita and it should automatically activate the Vita so you are able to play PSP/Vita games from the memory card.

    Basically don't forget you can't use PSN under the latest firmware.
    And you're actually on the latest safe firmware for hacking since the email exploit was patched in the next update after 3.52.

    Oh, and I'll leave a list of things you can do on 3.52:

    - ePSP CFW
    - Registry hacks
    - email exploit (accessing the Vita's filesystem)
    - Custom Themes
    - Trophy Hacks
    - memory card dumping
    - Custom bubbles

    I hope that answered some of your questions! ;)
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  3. mak0y

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    Mar 27, 2016
    i have ps vita slim aqua blue fw version 3.55, i want to put TNV into it so i can play my downloaded psp games, but i cant login to my PSN acct to download the exploit game, what should i do?? PLS help!

    PS> ive already used the vita update blocker program, but still no use.. :(
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