Acekard v. M3

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    I'm purchasing some cards for my relatives after I've showed off my M3 to them XD. They were instantly amazed at the money they would save not having to buy games. My cousin has a DSi and my nephew has a DSL, so I have to purchase a cheaper DS card and a newer DSi card.
    I own a M3 that I purchases from DX, which is pretty much now defunct for card sales. I browsed around, and found out that bamboogaming is pretty cheap stuffs.
    It seems that Acekards are cheaper than M3s by $10~20 but I've never realized this. Problem is, I have no experience with Acekard and I'm not sure what will happen when I hand it over to them after I installed firmware and all that jazz. I have all my experience in M3.

    Anyways, what does gbatemp think is the better card?
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    Depends on preference

    AKAIO has faster updates

    Sakura has more Features

    Just read up on them both and choose

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    This ^


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    btw, dealextreme has a new separate flashcart website:

    I have both ak2i and m3i0, and lets just say that my acekard is lying dusty in the corner

    here is a link to get a ...

    M3i Zero
    M3DS Real
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    Same here ^^
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    If it's really DX's new website then i would buy from it. Looking at the price it is decent and cheap to dirt. I don't like the sites on the homepage, they look not that cool and not as cheap as