acecard 2 i from simplymod

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    it should be arriving by Wednesday or Thursday have a question what firmware does it come with and do i need to install like version it came with 1.1 then to 1.2 etc til i hit high firmware out right now or i can skip ahead to latest version ?

    will it brick the DS ? remember bricking a psp with version 3.1 went straight to version 5.1
  2. BoxShot

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    What? Just use akaio 1.6 rc2. I don't see why it would brick a ds either.
  3. tk_saturn

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    Jan 26, 2010
    No it will not brick your DS.

    There are two types of firmware, the default and the Danny Phantom'ed firmware which is required to use it on a DSi with firmware 1.4.

    Unless it says somewhere on their site they preupdate it, assume it will come with the default firmware.

    You will need to install the Acekard's operating software, which the moment is AKAIO 1.6RC2.

    I have a guide with more information in

    edit: It does say on their website they are preupdated for use on a DSi 1.4. You can skip straight to AKAIO1.6RC2, you won't need to install any previous versions to get it on there and working.
  4. Finishoff

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    Its pre-updated. I ordered from them a few weeks ago. Makes setting up the flashcart pretty fast with the pre-flashing (the image is the danny phantom.)