A9LH screen_init on N3DS Questions

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    I'm currently using the non-screen_init version of A9LH on a N3DS. What advantages does updating to the screen_init version have compared to non-screen_init?

    I know that with it, the screen can be initialised earlier during the boot process, enabling things like Decrypt 9 instant loading as opposed to using a boot manager. Are there any other differences?

    On O3DS, the LCD backlight flashes quickly when powered on, is this a bug or a feature? If it's a bug, has it been addressed yet?

    Finally, I heard that the updater from dark_samus3 is unstable on N3DS, has that been fixed yet?
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    The flash is screen init. There's no need to upgrade to a screen_init version if you can already use things like decrypt9 via arm9loaderhax.
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