A few questions about current mods

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    EDIT: Made this too long winded. In short, I dug my Wii out of the closet after it sat in a shoe-box for almost 2 years because I was preoccupied with the 360 and PS3. Some stuff came out I want to play, so I hooked it up to the TV in the living room. Figured some stuff was outdated so I chose to re-hack it, and did using ModMii, My questions are:

    IOS36 and IOS58, should these be official wads, or will having them with hacks be fine?

    hermes CIOS 202, which would be the better choice? [38+60] v4, [57] v5.1, or [60] v5.1? I've seen different opinions on other boards, but the community here has better knowledge of the subject. It's sitting at [60] currently.

    Lastly, is it normal for the Wiimote to disconnect when using homebrew? I could have sworn that was fixed.

    EDIT2: Nevermind...