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    These are 9 of my favorite homebrew games in no particular order:

    Very fun platformer/action game. Similar to alien hominid, but no one hit-dies. Sort of short with only 2 levels, but the bosses, different enemie types, and multiple weapons give it great replayability.

    A ds port of the program stepmania,a DDR simulator, it can play any of the .sm files made for stepmania. It has easy to use controls, and is a great game.

    Bouncy Marble 2
    A ds remake of "icy tower." You have to bounce up a tower performing combos. Scores and replays can be uploaded online. You can also watch the replays other people have uploaded and learn there strategy.

    Dojo Rumble
    You are a ninja defeating enemies with dashes to protect your dojo. After collecting several combos you go slowmo, also known as rumble time. It uses both screens.

    Inside the Machine
    A platform game were you control a small...animal. Several bosses and plenty of enemies make the game replayable, even the it is sort of short.

    Metal Slug Combat
    A 2d fighting game similar to street fighter. It is multiplayer only, however you only need one ds. You have several attacks most of which are on the touch screen. There are several maps, though they are just bg changes.

    A port of the flash game also called red, you have to shoot missiles away from your base, you have two weapons, multiple powerups, and "boss meteors." Also after reaching level 5 you get acheckpoint for future games.

    The ds version of the computer game. This version lets you record your time. You can also earn achievements which unlock mods.

    A rythm game. It has 4 songs, each with 2 notesets. There are a total of 20 diffrent notes on the bottom screen. The game takes practice, but when you get good you can get some amazing scores.

    If you disagree with me feel free to post your top (insert number) homebrew games in this thread. If you do please also include a short description of each.
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    Nice! Homebrew platformers!
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    Another great Rhythm Homebrew: Video Games Hero.
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    I like video games hero, but it's not one of my favorites.

    I just found this great game, its called magnetron. Its similar to robotron. I haven't had a chance to try it on my DS, but it works on NO$GBA.
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    My top twenty favorite homebrew games are (in no specific order):

    1. Jelly Blocks
    Puzzle game where you try and put all of the same colored jellies together.
    2. Munky Blocks DS
    Puzzle game where you try and destroy all of the blocks by placing them to where their sides touch (three or more blocks).
    3. DSDSRevolution
    A stepmania remake with basic functions (difficulty settings, autoplay, no bar, screen swapping).
    4. Vector Tower Defense
    A remake of Vector Tower Defense and is like all other tower defense sort of games.
    5. Puzzle Boy
    Puzzle game where you try and get the bite-sized bits of food to the flag.
    6. Take the Eggs
    A game where you zip around the map, attempting to collect and hatch eggs to bring back to your nest, but it isn't just you who is trying to get those eggs.
    7. Shooting Watch DS
    A remake of the shooting watch with extra features (unlockable customizations, etc.)
    8. Lemmings DS
    The little mindless, green-haired dimwits are traveling their journey yet again as Lemmings DS brings together all of the original levels in this remake of classic Lemmings.
    9. Anime Jo All Star Kirifuda
    Also known as "Anime Girls All Star Trump Battle" where there is a set deck of cards, each with their own numbers. You select a number from your card, the computer randomly selects a number from their card, and the person with the highest number gets the opponent's card in their deck.
    10. Touhou DS
    A remake of Touhou with a variety of characters and fully customizable levels, bosses, characters, etc.
    11. BrixDS
    A puzzle game where you attempt to place the bomb on top of the safe blocks.
    12. BloxavoiD
    A mindless game of avoiding the field of boxes as your little triangle speeds faster and faster.
    13. Negative Space
    A puzzle game where you must get the black blob to the black flag and the white blob to the white flag using a limited amount of white and black matter to maneuver them.
    14. Ribbon
    A simple game of avoiding the upper and lower walls as well as the stuff that float through.
    15. dSokoban
    A remake of sokoban with 360 levels of puzzling fun.
    16. JNKPlat PlatDude
    Puzzle game where you maneuver Platdude past each obstacle and reach the goal.
    17. Let There Be Light
    A puzzle-ish game where you put together different colored boxes in order to create white colored boxes. Once three white colored boxes are aligned, they disappear.
    18. Platdude Retro Collection
    A collection of retro games including: Lights Out, Frogger, and 16 others.
    19. Kongregate
    A fairly simple game of avoiding everything and using the stationary boxes to destroy the homing spheres.
    20. Omok DS
    A game of connect 5 that can be played against the computer or another person.
  6. nickbaker50

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    Oct 11, 2009
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    Cool games, i'm dling a few of them.