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    May 28, 2007
    Hi there,

    I was just hoping for some guidance on the what is possible with my old 3ds running 9.4.0-21E? what is the best guide to follow. Sorry, I have been out of the scene for awhile and now a little lost.

    thanks an advance from this Aussie girl.
  2. Sora Takihawa

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    Oct 11, 2015
    you can downgrade to 9.2-xxxE
    and install a cfw coldboot (menuhax needed)
    there are guides for it on this site
  3. cooroxd

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    Aug 30, 2014
    1) no special hardware
    2)you will an sd card of atleast 32g because the games are really big
    3)Watch this first:
    watch this second:
    4)go to this website and download the newest gateway ultra: http://www.gateway-3ds.com/
    5)extract and put the laucher.dat into root of SD card
    6)Using the built in 3ds browser navigate to http://go.gateway-3ds.com, after that you in gateway menu mode
    7)from there you will need to backup nand.bin for emergencies
    8)after backing up, put sd card back in computer and copy/paste nand.bin somewhere safe on computer
    9)put sd card back in 3ds and Go back to gateway menu mode on 3ds
    10)Do Format emunand, After formatting, put sd card into computer and you will need to put homebrew stuff back on the sd card because it got deleted
    10a)Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/bff19okpwv4dbl9/menuhax_v2.2.zip
    10b)you will need to replace the outdated menuhax_manager files within the "3DS" folder of your SD card for the homebrew channel
    11)Download this file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/e4ko8sf06ergq9a/rxtools.zip
    12)extract it and copy the 3 files: Rxtools folder, and the 2 keys on to root of sd card
    13)NExt, put sd card back into 3ds and change your 3ds background theme to black color
    14)go to homebrew channel and click on the menuhax_manager
    15)install menuhax
    15a)turn off 3ds and put sd card back in computer. On sd card, you will find a file called boot.3dsx, rename it to boot_hb.3dsx
    16)download this file:
    17)extract and copy the 2 files and put them on root of sd card
    18)put sd card back into 3ds, hold down L and turn on your 3ds, your 3ds should show a messed up looking screen and it will boot into a purple looking menu.
    19)choose Rxtools (2nd option) and it will show rxtools splash screen and tells you wait for it to install
    20)After that you are booted into emunand, you can check by going into system setting and seeing the RXD beside the firmware number, from here you can do a system update to 10.5
    21) All games, real or cia from any region can be played on emunand rxtools only. You leave the sysnand alone (the one with black background theme).
    22) let me know you can get this far because we have more steps involving getting cia games to work.
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  4. LunaLogic

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    To get everything started, HBL is needed. Browserhax is always a good choice.
    To setup an emunand, a system with version 9.2 or below is needed, so you need to downgrade.
    I prefer EmuNAND9 when talking about setting up emunand. I'm wondering if Decrypt9 and EmuNAND9 can be combined lol
    RxTools is recommended for entering emunand because you'll probably need it to inject FBI--Or you can inject by yourself. CakesFW is also a choice, as well as AuReiNand.
    Have fun and remember to backup your SysNAND.
  5. daxtsu

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    Decrypt9 (or was it EmuNAND9?) can already inject into H&S, so if you're recommending that already, there's no real need for RxTools. :P
  6. LunaLogic

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    Nah, EmuNAND9 don't offer such function, only Decrypt9. That's why I want a combined version:D
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