4.1x /4.2x /4.3x hacks.ini!

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    Oct 4, 2007
    UPDATE! (2010-08-17):
    Added Hack - Bannerbomb Enabler v2 (for 4.3x)

    Thankyou to somewiifun for the Enable Bannerbomb v2 hack, and to petspeed, Slowking, and iancer for uhh... reminding me that I needed to update the hacks.ini with this hack.

    Hello everybody.

    Remember the all-in-one 4.1x / 4.2x hacks.ini that da_letter_a made a while back?

    Well, since System Menu 4.3 came out, I have decided to port his hacks.ini to System Menu 4.3 of all regions, and have added my ported hacks in with his 4.1x / 4.2x hacks, continuing the "all-in-one hacks.ini" trend.

    I have also added a stupid hack that I have made too.

    Here's a list of what each hack is and does:

    Replace Health Screen with Backmenu
    The backmenu is the "return to sysmenu from game" animation the sysmenu does when you hit "Wii Menu" from a game, instead of displaying the healthscreen after trying to return from a game. This hack will actually replace the heathscreen with the backmenu, kindof to "skip" the healthscreen when you strat up the Wii.

    Auto-Press A at Health Screen
    When you start up your Wii, the healthscreen requires you to press the A button to continue into the main Wii Menu. This hack will automatically pres the A button for you.

    Block Disc Updates
    Every game has an update on it, but some try to kill homebrew. It is not a good idea to apply updates from import discs or from newer games which try to kill homebrew. These games will usually prompt you to apply their update, and refuse to launch otherwise. This hack blocks discs updates from being recognized, and allows you to play games without having to apply the updates.

    Block Online Updates
    The latest updates from Nintendo these days are solely for stopping homebrew and piracy, and are therefore dangerous to any homebrew you have installed. future updates will probably be just as bad. This hack will block your Wii from connecting to Nintendo's update servers, so if someone did try to update your Wii, they would be unable to.

    No System Menu Background Music
    If you do not like the System Menu's background music, use this hack to disable it.

    No System Menu sounds AT ALL
    This hack is similar to the one above, except it disables ALL the sysmenu's sounds, such as music and sound effects. Due to this, this hack allows the sound from the previously viewed channel banner to play in the rest of the system menu too.

    Move Disc Channel
    If you do not like where the disc channel is arranged by default, this hack allows you to move it to wherever you want so you can arrange your channels as you want them.

    Remove NoCopy Save File Protection
    Some save files (mainly ones with wifi data in them) cannot be copied to SD card and back (prevents transfering a game's personal wifi data from one Wii to another). This hack will make the System menu ignore whether or not the save is a "nocopy" save, and will allow you to copy (but not move) it to an SD card. the save file itself is still "uncopyable", but with this hack, the System menu will ignore this.

    Recovery Mode (DISABLE below hack first)
    This hack will make your Wii start into recovery mode every time you switch it on, and can allow you to boot regular games via the recovery menu.

    Recovery Mode press Dpad-R on GC pad 4P
    This hack is like the above mentioned one, but it will only activate the recovery mode if Dpad Right on GC controller #4 is pressed during system Menu startup, making it a lot easier to control when you want to load the recovery menu (compared to the above hack).

    Region Free EVERYTHING
    This one hack region-frees EVERYTHING, allowing you to load any import/out-of region game, whether it be a Wii disc, GC disc, Wii channel, and channels from the SD menu. However, it does not patch the game's video mode, so if the game you are trying to play does not support your Wii's current video mode, it will blackscreen.

    Disable HAXX,DVDX,RZDx deletion (4.2 only)
    System Menu 4.2 looks for channels with TitleIDs HAXX and DVDX (the old versions of HBC and DVDX), and it checks for twilight hack savegames every time you load the system menu up, and it deletes these if it finds them. This hack will disable the on-boot check so that these channels can be use with System Menu 4.2

    No-Delete HAXX,JODI,DVDX,DISC,DISK,RZDx (4.3 only)
    Like System Menu 4.2, System Menu 4.3 looks for and deletes HAXX, DVDX, and the twilight hack every time it is loaded, but 4.3 also looks for channels JODI, DISC and DISK, and deletes them if it finds them. JODI is the current Homebrew Channel, and DISC is the current DVDX, which are channels that most homebrewers would like to keep on their Wii. This hack, like the above one, disables 4.3's on-boot chack, so you can use these channels with System Menu 4.3.

    Enable Bannerbomb v2 (4.3 only)
    System Menu 4.3 blocks the bannerbomb exploit from being used on it. This hack will allow Bannerbomb v2 to be used with System Menu 4.3. But I am not sure hoe useful this hack would be seeing as you need a different way to run homebrew, to install priiloader, to enable this hack... but here it is anyway.

    Force Wifi Connection Test Failure
    This hack makes every internet connction test fail. I do not see the usefulness in this hack, but here it is anyway.

    Blackscreen at Wii System Menu startup!
    This makes your Wii load to nothing but a black screen. Good for locking people out of your Wii. Hold RESET to load up priiloader to disable it when you're done with it.

    Freeze Wii at Healthscreen!
    This is the silly one I made. It is like the above hack, but allows the user to get to the healthscreen before freezing on them, kindof to tease them!

    And of course, the hacks.ini itself (updated):


    And now I have some questions:
    1. Should I keep the "Force Wifi Connection Test Failure" hack, or should I remove it? Does it have a use?
    2. GBATemp user somewiifun posted a "Bannerbomb enabler" hack for 4.3 over in this thread. Do you guys think it may be useful at all, and should I include it into this hacks.ini?

    NITROFOX Member

    Mar 14, 2009
    how to use this one start patch
  3. Madridi

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    May 9, 2008
    Thanks damysteryman,
    As for your questions. I dont see why not for both questions! [​IMG]
  4. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    You may as well add all hacks possible, I'm sure someone will find a use, even if you don't [​IMG]
  5. WiiJohn

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    Sep 11, 2009
    Wow, it didn't take long. many thanks.

    I guess I would be greedy and say yes to possible hacks.
  6. XFlak

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    Sep 12, 2009
    any chance of including the hacks for 3.2U and 3.2E also? So that way this ONE file will have ALL the hacks ever written (for priiloader)?

    u can view all the older hacks HERE.
  7. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    I wonder if anyone would like to modify the Priiloader installer to maybe download this full hacks.ini (with 3.2 added) during the install process, to make life easier? Seems like a logical idea to me. And then the hacks.ini it downloads can be updated with new hacks for new System Menus.
  8. petspeed

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    Nov 13, 2009
    Thank you damysteryman this is really appreciated. Both the hacks themselves but also the great explanation in this thread. Superb.
    About the extra hacks, I think you should include them, they might be useful. Especially the bannerbomb hack if you by accident loose HBC.

    There are also the 4.0 hacks...
  9. Sachka

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    Nov 15, 2008
    Lumiose City
    [​IMG] Great work damysteryman! And to answer your questions, I believe we should keep as many working codes as we can.
    Even if its small!
  10. lightyear

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    Thanks, DMM! job well-done [​IMG] Works perfect, as always!!

    And yes to both....the more hacks, the better I always say lol
  11. TiMeBoMb4u2

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    Someone needs to get in touch with BlackAce83 and Jigen, so these hacks can be implemented into StartPatch and/or StartPatch MOD!
  12. Skater4599

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    May 29, 2008
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    United States
    Great work Thanks for these, as far as your question, definitiely have bannerbomb enabler for sure. I can find use in it, test connection failure i cant find a use for it, but there may be some, everyones needs are different, why not include both IMO
  13. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    Or "someone" could do it themselves by editing patches.h and compiling. It should simply be a case of updating offsets (you'll need to subtract 0x8132FAE0 from the priiloader offset to get the StartPatch offset, and that's all that needs changed AFAIK) and then changing the name of the DOL (I think this is hard coded), and compiling. I may do it tomorrow or in the next few days if I get round to it and no-one else does first.

    EDIT: BTW, if I do, which would be better to update? StartPatch I assume, as the features of MOD are added to it I think.

    EDIT: OK, looks like StartPatch MOD is better, as I can have all regions, and even 4.2 AND 4.3 support that way. I'll probably try and do it tomorrow.
  14. Riicky

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    May 15, 2009
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    Thanks DaMysteryMan, now I can update to 4.3 (via Wanin) ...once again you come through! and as far as the "Bannerbomb Enabler".. I would throw it in there,the list wouldn't be really complete without it, and it would be useful to some. Thanks again dude
  15. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    I've started updating StartPatch MOD, but I've hit an issue: They do region-free differently. The hacks.ini does it "all-in-one" and StartPatch does it individually for various things (Channels, discs, GC). Am I correct in assuming it would be OK to change StartPatch to have the Region-Free Everything patch instead of the various separate ones? It won't cause any issues or anything? Can't see how it would, seeing as priiloader does it fine and all, just curious...
  16. urherenow

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    Mar 8, 2009
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    Silly question... if you need a preloader patch so it doesn't delete HBC and what not, then how exatly do you install SM4.3 then manage to install priiloader? Not to mention getting the hackmii installer to work to get HBC back [​IMG]
  17. ChokeD

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    Jul 18, 2009
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  18. damysteryman

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    Oct 4, 2007
    It should be fine.

    You see, what da_letter_a did when he ported them to 4.2 is he got all the offsets and values for all those hacks, and put them all under one name (Region Free EVERYTHING), so that people did not have to enable 4 hacks to get full region free.

    This may be annoying for StartPatch though if every offset needs to be enabled separately, seeing as this hack has 10 offsets (and values) in it.

    Thanks for replying and answering my questions!

    I will keep the "Force Wifi Connection Test Failure", and I will also add somewiifun's "Bannerbomb Enabler" hack (I still have to test that one for myself though) to the hacks.ini.
  19. mattesno1

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    Apr 27, 2010
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    Nice, does this mean you will be able to install priiloader or run startpatch on a virgin 4.3 with one of the working exploits, disable the "bannerbomb detection"/"JODI deletion" and install The HBC?
  20. SifJar

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    Apr 4, 2009
    In theory yes, but you will need a cIOS installed that survives the update (e.g. IOS202) that can be used to install the patches via StartPatch/used to install Priiloader, and you'll also need to use that cIOS to downgrade an IOS for HackMii Installer to use (if HackMii Installer can use IOS60, that'd be the best one to downgrade, as its now stubbed, but its unstubbed revision works on all Wiis)

    In other words, it won't work on "virgin" Wiis.

    EDIT: meh, I couldn't be bothered updating StartPatch, too much effort...Maybe I'll do it tomorrow [​IMG]