3ds retail carts with flashcart advice

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  1. cable999

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    Jun 25, 2014
    I bought a 3ds a while back. It got put away in storage so it hasn't been updated for a while (about a year or so). Anyway i bought a few new retail 3ds carts and have a few concerns regarding updates.
    First of all i only intend to play DS roms on this(i have a DStwo and an acekard)
    As i understand it some retail 3ds games force you to update the console.
    Can i update the 3ds for the eshop etc and still use my flashcarts for my ds roms and emulators.

    Best advice in my situation ?

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    Acekard is long dead, but the DSTwo works on latest firmware. In fact, it wasn't even blocked in the last two updates IIRC, so I think it's possible Nintendo gave up in blocking it. So yeah you can updated it, just fine.
  3. cable999

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Ah the Acekard was working on my 3ds before it went into storage so my firmware must be lower than i thought. So now i am thinking it may be better to keep this on the old firmware for now and maybe getting a gateway in the near future to play games like rune factory 4 that are unavailable in my region.
    Am i correct in thinking that as soon as i update the firmware to v4 that my acekard will stop working but then can continue with the dstwo until i get a gateway ?
    I am also considering getting a new 3ds XL to play any retail carts and eshop (plus other family members could use this console, and not worry if they update it).

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    you can play your retail games with emunand without updating your firmware and without a gateway (only if you are on between firmware 4.1 and 4.5) if you are above then this will not work for you, if you are below then you need to update with a game, I suggest Luigis mansion dark moon

    (I made instructions on how to do it, just let me find it)

    Download the latest gateway 2.2 firmware
    open it and enter the "blue card" folder
    copy the "GW_INSTALLER.NDS" to the microsd of your DS cart
    then run and install the file via your flashcart menu

    now take out the 3DS SD card and put into the computer
    go back to the gateway 2.2 firmware folder (GW_OMEGA_2.2_RELEASE) and copy "LAUNCHER.DAT" to the root of the SD card
    now put the SD back in the 3DS and turn it on
    go into setting>other settings>profile>nintendo ds profile

    the gateway menu will pop up
    go to the right most option and hit FORMAT EMUNAND (this will erase the contents of the SD card so it you have anything important on it, back it up first in your computer) this process will partition 1GB of data for emunand, it is recommended you have a 4GB card
    (OPTIONAL) hit the BACKUP SYSTEM NAND button, I suggest doing this just in case something goes wrong

    you will be back in the 3DS menu, create a folder on your 3DS menu and call it EMUNAND (this way you will be able to tell the two nands apart)
    now enter settings and make sure you see the words "GW3D" on the bottom left side of the top screen along with the current version number
    if you do not see the GW3D then DO NOT CONTINUE, you will update your real nand
    if you do see it then turn on the wifi slider and set up an internet connection via the setting (do not exit the system setting after starting this step doing so will reboot the 3DS and return to the real nand)
    then go to other setting and keep going to the the right until you see system update, let it check and update your system when prompted, it will take a while so let it work

    after that it should reboot to your emunand main menu (look for the "E" folder your created before to verify)
    then go to the setting to see the GW3D 7.1.0-16 version number
    now shut off the 3DS and reboot it, the "E" folder should not be here, you can create another folder and call it "SYSNAND" if you want
    now go back into the setting and verify your original nand is still on 4.X and then go back into the gateway menu via the profile exploit and select BOOT CLASSIC MODE and you can play what ever retail game you want now with wifi

    one last thing make sure to erase any wifi connection settings from your real nand settings and shut the wifi switch off when you are done playing on emunand
    this will prevent any updates from being downloaded while on the real nand
  5. cable999

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Thanks, that will be very useful. I had no idea this could be done.

  6. cable999

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    Jun 25, 2014
    Just out of interest ..
    will using this emunand method play retail USA games on my European 3ds ? (i am looking at you Rune Factory 4)

    Sorry if thats a stupid question !