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    So, given Nintendo's history with their consoles playing their handheld titles (every other console saw an official retail handheld player: SNES had the Super Gameboy, GameCube had the Gameboy Player., Wii U would be next in line for every other console), how likely do you think that the Wii U will have a 3DS and/or DS player? Obviously all the requirements are there: 2 screens, one is a touch screen, built in mic, front facing camera (lack of outward facing camera could affect a few game modes, but for the most part wouldn't be a hindrance). Plus, if they created this and it wasn't limited to just DS games, and included 3DS games, any 3DS game that made use of the Circle Pad Pro, would instantly be playable in that mode without the extra attachment. 3D gameplay would even be do-able as it has been stated that the Wii U is capable of 3D output, of course its up to gamer to have a 3D TV and the glasses.

    The system is certainly capable of this, I think its just a question of whether Nintendo wants to have their handhelds playable on the big screens in this way anymore. I think if they do (which they should), it will be a case like the gameboy player, where it wont see a release until 2 to 3 years in the console's life, which would allow for more people to buy 3DSs in the meantime.
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    I was going to go into a tirade on why they would never do it because of all the potential security risks to both systems, since the only way to connect such a device to the Wii U is USB, which would mean easy access to the transmitted data for any hacker. Then I looked to my left* and realized the only things they have to send are audio/video to the Wii U and input to the 3DS player, and thus everything remains secure. Now the only problem I can see keeping it from happening is input lag, which anyone will tell you is a massive problem. So if they can overcome that within the constraints of USB2.0 bandwidth limits I guess it's possible, and I really hope they can and will do it.

    *My Hauppauge HD-PVR is sitting to my left on my TV stand.
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    I think it's more likely than not that Nintendo will make something like this within the Wii U's lifespan. I'd expect it to contain most of the 3DS hardware inside, rather than relying on the Wii U to emulate it; this was how Nintendo built the Game Boy Player, even though the GCN can easily emulate a GBA.
    One of the challenges will be to handle downloadable games. What if someone buys a game on their 3DS and wants to play it on the Wii U? Maybe it could use something like StreetPass on the 3DS side to make this work, syncing save files and everything.
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    I'd really like to see this happen. I loved my GameBoy Player.