25C3 Wii Presentation

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    [​IMG] 25C3 Wii Presentation
    Wii Security from Top to Bottom

    [​IMG] 4shared download of conference (H264 video, aac audio in MKV)

    Bushing and Marcan are set to talk at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress about all things wii security, over the last few years many interesting developments have come from this and other similar conferences (the initial basis for the wii chips two years ago, what later came to be known as the trucha bug and current basis for nearly all homebrew last year) and given the huge amount of work that has gone on since then this is set to be even bigger.

    The time of the talk is 21:45 in Germany so 20:45 in the UK in "saal 2"/room 2.
    [​IMG] Current time in Germany

    Countdown To 25c3 Wii presentation

    [​IMG] Presentation overview

    Live streams of the talk are available in multiple formats, the easiest is MMS which can be viewed with VLC:
    [​IMG] VLC homepage
    portable version here (no traces on machine):
    [​IMG] VLC portable

    [​IMG] Streaming link
    Talks are also uploaded afterwards to FTP, torrent and likely a few other protocols/methods as time goes on. Details on the link.

    The conference is not just about the Wii though but in the event you do not wish to see the other talks here are the older talks and an idea of what to expect
    [​IMG] Youtube link for 23c3 (initial DVD drive work)
    [​IMG] Youtube link for 24c3 (trucha hack)
    [​IMG] Youtube link on the xbox 360

    [​IMG] Discuss

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