1st Jager's (Napoleonic Wars Regiment)

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    Background: This regiment is purely fictional. The term Jäger German and it translates either to Huntsman, Rifleman or Fighter. In this case the translation Fighter is used. The 1st Jäger's are a Prussian mercenary band who would lend their arms to any central European country who would pay for their services. They saw action primarily along side the Austrian and Prussian forces during the closing years of the Napoleonic Wars (1809-1815). They fought along the Freikorps and employed light infantry tactics. They also employed guerrilla tactics to aid the anti-french movement in Prussia. They also used guerrilla tactics to harass the French army during the Austrian's retreat in Italy.

    About Us: We are an Australian regiment for the multiplayer DLC Napoleonic Wars (for Mount and Blade: Warband) focused on using light infantry tactics. Our primary regiment is the Freikorps (Free Corps) but if not available we play the light infantry regiment of the country we are assigned to during a linebattle. We won't be too strict but the following regiment rules and ranks apply.


    No derogatory comments of other members/players while playing under the regiment's name.
    Attend at least 1 Linebattle and two Training sessions a month (be more active if you wish to get promoted)
    Listen to the commanders orders during training/battles and server admins
    Use common knowledge >_<
    Have fun!


    Recruit (Rct)
    Private (Pvt)
    Corporal (Cpl)
    Lieutenant (Lnt)
    Captain (Cpt)
    Colonel (Col)
    General (Gen)

    Current Members


    Other Info

    Our Site: http://1stjagers.enjin.com/forum
    Our Steam Group: http://steamcommunit...roups/1stjagers
    Our Server: Jagers_Deathmatch (note that it can be any game mode and the name differs) or 1st_Jagers_Training (when training is on)

    Application Layout

    Steam Name (if applicable) or other contact details if you don't use Steam:

    Mount and Blade experience (separate each game individually):

    What you may bring to the regiment?:

    Do you have Teamspeak 3?:

    Or you can join at our site listed above!