Review: Napoleonic Wars (Mount and Blade: Warband DLC) (Computer)

Reviewed by kevan, posted Sep 21, 2012
Being a huge 18th/19th century nut I was extremely excited to try this out! Having played it's base game (Mount and Blade: Warband ) for countless hours I was excited to see what Taleworlds and Flying Squirrel Entertainment (creators of the original mod Mount and Musket) could put together.
Sep 21, 2012
  • Release Date (NA): April 20, 2020
  • Publisher: Paradox Interactive
  • Genres: Action, RPG
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer
Set during the ending years of the Napoleonic Wars this multiplayer DLC will take you straight to the heart of the action of the early 19th century.
Note to readers: Although this DLC does feature singleplayer it comes in the form of leading troops against the A.I, and the A.I is atrocious in the singleplayer mode. So if your looking for singleplayer try another game.
To Arms!
First things first. Before you jump into multiplayer you'll have to choose a name for yourself and then create your character. Sadly you can only edit your facial region in the current engine but you can make some pretty hilarious ones and even give yourself a cigar if you fancy! Now just choose a flag and away we go! For your first game Team Deathmatch is ideal ;)
Now you get to see all the lovely, colorful and pretty uniforms they pranced around in during the 19th century! Uhh I mean you get to choose which regiment and troop type you will play as in game. Their are over 220 unique units to choose from over the five nations that the game has (I'm going to take their word for it because I'm too lazy to count).
Troop Types
Line Infantry: Armed with a Musket (fitted with a stabby thing) and depending on the regiment they may have a sword of some description as well. Line infantry can hold their own in both a firefight and hand-to-hand. But they don't excel at either.
Foot Guards: Armed with a Musket (fitted with a stabby thing) and depending on the regiment they may have a sword of some description as well. Foot Guards excel in melee but lack in accuracy.
Light Infantry: Armed with a Musket (fitted with a stabby thing) and depending on the regiment they may have a sword of some description as well. Light infantry are great at harassing the enemy and have better accuracy than most troops but are vulnerable in melee.
Rifleman: Armed with a Rifle and a Sabre. The Rifleman are marksmen and sit back and snipe the enemy but like Light Infantry they are in trouble in a physical confrontation.
Hussars: Mounted on a light horse and armed with a sabre. Great at charging in fast, striking then getting out. But weak in prolonged fights.
Cuirassiers: Mounted on a heavy horse, wears Armour and armed with a Calvary sword. Basically battering rams and due to their Armour they can last a prolonged fight. But very slow compared to other Calvary.
Lancers: Mounted on a light horse and armed with a lance and usually a sabre/sword as well. They can charge in and stick an enemy on the end of their lance. But weak in a prolonged fight due to the lance having no block ability.
Dragoons: Mounted on a light/medium/heavy horse and Armed with a Calvary sword and a Carbine/Calvary Musket. Great for hit and run tactics but like most Calvary weak in a prolonged fight.
Other troop types: The DLC features special troop types such as engineers (Sappers), flag bearers, artillery crew, officers and even musicians. Then their are a few extra types of Calvary.
+ Great soundtrack
+ Intense fights
+ Great Community
+ Atmospheric gameplay
- Sub-par Graphics
- Singleplayer is mediocre to put it nicely
- A lot of practice needed to become decent in multi
7 Presentation
Great soundtrack for the time period but the graphics are mediocre compared to today's standards. The menu's are simple
10 Gameplay
This game excels on gameplay and everything flows smoothly. Their are no other games like it!
10 Lasting Appeal
Due to the multiple game modes and large community you should be able to rack up massive amounts of gametime.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
I'm giving it a 10/10 because what matters to me the most in any game is the gameplay. And this DLC excels in that category. Not to mention the fact that the community is quite large and friendly... enough :p