Have you ever wanted an expensive keyboard with none of the features of an expensive keyboard? Look no further than the Matias Quiet Pro!
Daisy May


Mechanical keyboards are often associated with hardcore PC gamers. They're typically expensive, heavy, and provide a much more comfortable typing experience. Of course, one of the key aspects of a mechanical keyboard is in fact, the mechanical switches. These switches tend to generate a fair amount of noise, which can easily disturb your colleagues or roommates. So a mechanical keyboard that avoids these issues seems compelling. If there was a keyboard with the stylistic flair of the fancy Razer and Corsair without the audible clicking, it may fill the niche for typists who want a less audible experience. Unfortunately, that's not what we have here.


Now, don't get me wrong. This keyboard works fine. The keys are nice to type on, and I'm finding it extremely easy to adjust to the layout. I can type fast, fluently, and comfortably. Without an image, this sounds ideal, but take a look at the design. The glossy housing, the toggle keys, the unsightly bump at the top. This thing is downright ugly! Typing is the primary function, of course, but the aesthetic cannot be ignored. I'm not even talking about the absence of the whole gaming shtick, what with epic RGB lighting and sick macro keys. It's just really not nice to look at. It's clearly going for a more professional office look, but did they really have to make the casing glossy? What, did they buy up a bunch of discarded Wii U gamepads? A matte finish would have been far more preferable. The sole purpose of the bump seems to be to house the USB ports, but the implementation is as inelegant as it gets.

So, after all that trash talk, is there anything redeeming about this keyboard? Well—kind of. As mentioned, it is comfortable to type on, and it is a much quieter alternative to other mechanical keyboards. It has three USB ports, which I'm come in handy with devices from USB sticks to wireless dongles. It has some nice utility keys allowing you to adjust the volume without the need of a function key, and the proportions are perfect. The only thing letting it down is the presentation, and the abominable $150 price point. I could easily look past the aesthetics if it was a more reasonable price, but when you look at a similarly priced keyboard from Razer, not only is it prettier, but it has way more features. From back-lights to macro keys and volume wheels, it's staggering. Surely they could have at least thrown in an audio pass through and a braided cable. Did all $150 go to the R&D for the mechanical switches?

The model I received was the UK version, something that I am pleased about. There is, however, no FN key on here! The American layout apparently does have function keys, so what's up with that? It's particularly irritating when you consider that the box actually had a guide on how to use them. I wouldn't usually mind such a minor detail, but with all the other issues, it's just the icing on the cake, don't you think?

Often I can find justification in a product no matter how silly it may seem. They don't have to be perfect as long as they fill a niche, right? Well, this time, I am telling you that you should give the Matias Quiet Pro a miss. Maybe, just maybe if it had a bit of stylistic flair, or if it was priced reasonably, I'd like it. But it's hideous, lacks important features, and is grossly overpriced. Even if you have the money to blow, blow it on something else. 

What We Liked . . . Comfortable typing experience Not as loud as other mechanical keyboards 3x USB ports What We Didn't Like . . . Way, way overpriced Ugly and cheap looking exterior No backlight at a $150 price point
out of 10
Honestly, I see absolutely no reason to buy a Quiet Pro at this insane price. $150 for an RGB mechanical Razer-branded keyboard would be insane enough for me, but for a brand I've never even heard of to sell a hideous keyboard for this price is just completely unbelievable. It's actually nice to type on, but this horrific price point completely shoots it down.
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