User Review: Grand Prix 4 PC Game (Computer)

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Jun 21, 2020
  • Release Date (NA): September 10, 2002
  • Release Date (EU): June 21, 2002
  • Publisher: Infogrames
  • Developer: MicroProse/Geoff Crammond
  • Genres: Racing Simulation
  • ESRB Rating: Everyone
  • Single player
    Local Multiplayer
    Online Multiplayer

Review Approach:

Actual,I love this Game more then ever. The Modding Community has released many Season Packages and Track Packages from my personal favorite Formula 1 Times - the 80´s and the 90´s. (But there are many more...)
Old,but Gold.
The fourth Part of the "Grand Prix" Series was unfortunately a "disaster" when it was released.
Time Pressure against Sony´s Formula 1 Series on the PSX and PlayStation 2 (Official License) but a more bigger Threat Electronic Arts "F1 2002" for PC caused an "earlier" Release (thanks to Infogram) than the EA Product.

Features "strongly recommended" by Fans
were still missing:

- Safety Car
- Formation Lap
- a "good" Pit Radio System
- Infocenter/Messages
- (3D Sound)

But as Bonus we got - many Bugs....A later released "third Party" Patch helps a little.

So we have an Game with the official Tracks,Cars and Drivers from 2001.
(But not all "official" Billboards and Advertising)
The Tracks were measured by GPS and reproduced in great Detail.Also the Cars are very detailed and authentic.

Aside from "technical" Issues (locked Framerate and CPU "heavy" Graphics) the Game runs very smooth on Pentium 4/AMD Athlon Systems with 128 MegaBytes of RAM (and more).
A GeForce 6000 Series or AMD Radeon 7000 Series Graphic Card should also work.
On todays PC´s no works with Windows 10 32 & 64 bit Versions.And of course Windows 7

For the Game:

You can choose a complete Season or a Race.You can change near everything (Drivers Names,Qualifying/Race Length,Driving Aids,mechanical and technical Failures,Car Setup......)
The Car and Handling is very Realistic,the Crashes sometimes a little "exaggerated but also understated".But that depends also on the Level you drive.

The Tracks are very realistic and wide,but when Schumacher comes,you maybe always run out of Trackspace.....
Speaking of Schumacher - the Drivers on the higher Levels are very hard (but also can make Mistakes when under Pressure) and there comes again -> the Crashes sometimes a little "exaggerated but also understated".
The Cars have often the "Passion" about getting stuck in each other and "flying" in the Air.Not sooo realistic but.....

Under "normal" Driving it makes really Fun and is absolute Challenging.Simply drive,change Gears,brake, Comparison to the "computer" Cars/DRS Crap and unfair CPU Drivers in F1 2019.....
To Chase the Ferrari with the mighty BMW powered Williams,Round and Round and finally a Chance to pass, aware of the next Straight......
Maybe you can "feel" it this Game is pure Racing Fun.

And more with the many Season Modification and Tools.
The Community is still active.The last Modification is from Season 2019.

On the Release there was no Internet Multiplayer (due to Licensing Restrictions).
For today it is possible,unfortunately I never tried/played it,so I can not review it too.

An near finished XBox Version was finally canceled in 2002.

Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_23_21.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_23_44.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_24_18.png
Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_24_28.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_24_51.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_25_11.png
Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_26_30.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_26_48.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_27_50.png

A little Background to the Mods:

There are Season Packages (Drivers/Cars and many Features) in a special Format (mostly CSM) and Track Packages (TUP Format) which can be installed very easy with the ZaZ Tools (Car Set and Track Set Manager).With this Tool you have also many Options for the Mod like Driver Select/Camera Tweak/On Screen Display and so on).You can choose the matching Trackpack or make an own one (you can drive in 1988 on the 1997 Track of Monza for Example).


There exist some complete Packages like the 1990 HD Mod.This is an complete Grand Prix 4 Installation with integrated Modifications and Tracks.
Download - extract (no Installation needed) - play.

These Modifications in total includes the Rules from every Year - Fuel Stops,different Qualifying Modes,Point Systems.....
The Developers managed even DRS and such "newer" Stuff in the newer Mods.

Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_34_18.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_34_40.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_34_56.png
Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_35_23.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_35_40.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_35_52.png
Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_36_03.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_36_10.png Grand Prix 4 21.06.2020 05_36_27.png
What I Liked . . . Still an challenging Driving Simulation Very realistic Driving With (actual) Mods many complete F1 Seasons playable for FREE Runs smooth on todays PCs Makes still Fun Driver/Grand Prix Encyclopedia 2001 included What I Didn't Like . . . Crashes are sometimes a little "exaggerated but also understated" No Pace/Safety Car No Formation Lap "Bad" Pit Radio (Outdated Graphics) Only for the Modifications: Some Limitations like only 17 Tracks and 22 Cars (some Seasons had more) CPU Drivers acting sometimes "strange" The Mods are very good/excellent,but not perfect and have of course Bugs
- Presentation
Nothing to add.
7 Gameplay
This "Value" is only for F1 Fans. Formula 1 Racing pure,all "important" Things for good Racing are there.
10 Lasting Appeal
This "Value" is only for F1 Fans. If you are not a Formula 1 Fan,then this Game will never interest you. There are not really Alternatives to play past F1 Seasons.
out of 10
Overall (not an average)
This "Value" is only for the Game. Grand Prix 2 was great Grand Prix 3/Season 2000 was also great Grand Prix 4 was good. But it gets really awesome with the Modifications.
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