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    Hacking Any way to mount EmuMMC on PC?

    I need to mount my EmuMMC on my pc I know I can mount eMMC with hacdiskmount and memloader, but it dont let me mount the EmuMMC... Is there anyway to mount it?
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    Tutorial Cleaning up NAND to play online safely

    I used this metod to clean my nand back in june/july when atmosphere emummc compatibility launch and i'm playing online right now with my switch... I never make a nand backup before I use CFW in my switch so i had no other option than have faith... I don't know if it was just luck or something...
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    ROM Hack RELEASE A Hat in Time 60 FPS mod

    Do you mean... "Nope, its not safe" or "Nope, it wont damage your console"?
  4. Zris96

    ROM Hack RELEASE A Hat in Time 60 FPS mod

    Is this kind of stuffs safe for the console? i mean... playing a game that comes to run 30fps by default in 60fps... wont it damage my console?
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    Hacking Question Can't update my switch from 7.0 - Error 2002-4314 | I tried everything :(

    Does the error says something like "There's no space available" or something like that?
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    Hacking Question Lets get this straight with emuNAND and sysNAND with the new 9.0.0 update

    I got error when powering up my switch on emunand in 8.1.0 after updating the sysnand to 9.0 when i have a catridge inserted... I guess it's because of the GC reader update... The solution is simple, just lauch atmosphere without any catridge inside... I'm using Hekate 5.0.1 btw
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    Hacking Restore nand using a GPP nand backup?

    Well, I made a backup long ago before I start using homebrew and stuff like that... the thing is that made it using GPP Partitions (the 2 options that says "eMMC SYS" and "eMMC USER") and the eMMC BOOT0 & BOOT1; So now I want to restore using this backup but I don't see any rawbackup.bin file in...
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    Hacking Stuck at switch logo after changing from emummc to sysnand

    What does that means? is there any solution for it? Should I worry about it?
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    Hacking Stuck at switch logo after changing from emummc to sysnand

    I had AutoRCM on for a while and I turn it off to use my Sysnand to play online meanwhile I have my Emunand to have all my hombrew stuff... The thing is, whenever I change from the emunand to the sysnand my switch stuck in the logo, so I have to press the power button to it turns off, and then...
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    Tutorial How to setup Atmosphere EmuMMC

    The biskeydump link in the tutorial is for an old version of biskeydump... it didn't worked for me because that version doesn't work on 8.0... Download the latest version from By the way, I "cleaned" my nand and have been playing online for the last 2 days... I...
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    Gaming Anyone else find CTR: Nitro Fueled difficult?

    I actually find hard mode imposible, the CPU's kart goes way too fast compared to the players one
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    Hacking Question Using a clean nand backup on another Switch

    There should be a way to modify the log files so that you can erase everything after you start to use homebrew and CFW (if you remeber the exact day that you started to use then)
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    Hacking Atmosphere-NX - Custom Firmware in development by SciresM

    So this means that I will be able to play my original games online in a clean nand and have my nsp installed and homebrews in a second nand?
  14. Zris96

    ROM Hack Question Smash amiibo lv50 without increased damage/defence?

    Is there any way to make the amiibo do the same damage and have the same defence as the player or a normal CPU ?
  15. Zris96

    Homebrew Error trying to update firmware using ChoidojourNX

    I don't know what Deja Vu exactly is... my Switch is not patched so I guest I will be able to enter rcm, no? By home menu you mean choidojourNX installed with a nsp? I've tried by doing it with hbmenu entering via album and via any app by holding R button pressed
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