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    Free-to-play 'The Elder Scrolls: Blades' mobile game delayed to 2019

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    Unpopular Opinions Time

    Apple products are shit.
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    Xbox All Access announced, lets you pay monthly for an Xbox console bundle

    They did this deal with 360 too. At least at Toys R Us. Just like rent-a-center. Want something now because you're impatient and get fucked in the process? They'll be happy to accommodate.
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    hope u enjoy it!
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    The project is finished! Aside from minor tweaks and fixes, it is out there and ready to be played. Thank you all for your support. The team really appreciates it.
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm just a coordinator and tester. The rest of the team is putting in the real work. Thanks everyone for the continued interest!
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    Yes, there has been progress! Original post updated. After a short break, Bakura has once again graced us with a huge jump in progress! As for my part, it was a huge effort, but I managed to put a 0 behind the 5 under story progress %. Yes, you read that right. Story progress has taken a massive...
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    Star Citizen unveils the Legatus Pack that costs $27,000

    I thought this meme game was dead?
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    What's your favorite operating system of all time and why?

    Windows XP. Had some great times on that os. It also helped that it was compatible with pretty much everything I was trying to run at the time without having to bullshit with settings or (even worse) find a workaround to get an old game to run.
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    How do you feel about other DLC not being included in season passes?

    Season passes, as they were traditionally, pretty much meant all current and future dlc bundled for one lower price. Companies have started to take advantage of that by adding more paid dlc outside of the season pass. Looking at you, Mortal Kombat X(tremely pissed off.) Companies need to take a...
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    [UPDATE] 'Steam Machine' Section Removed From Steam Page

    The idea that the company that dominates the pc market would be coming out with a "console" that would essentially play pc games without having to pour a couple grand into the setup was great. I was highly sceptical, but if anyone could do it, it's the company that arguably has a monopoly as...
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    So.....A small (but kinda big) update is better than nothing, yeah? The project has been chugging along and I am happy to say that everything ("EVERYTHING" used very loosely as Bakura points out) except the story is finished. There's a few sentences that need work and some sound effect words...
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    Dragon Quest XI gets western release date

    They dropped the 3ds version. Dammmmmit to hell!!!!! Hopefully the translation can be transferred from the ps4 version. Not hating on ps4 or pc players, but for ppl with little time, handheld is much more convenient.
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    Hacking UPPERS! Translation Project

    Yeah, the project is still ongoing. I'll have a detailed update ready for the public hopefully in the next few days.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] S.O.S. - A simple tool that will help you if you have an emergency on HENkaku Ensō 3.65

    Awesome tool! I'm already on 3.65 enso, but I'll be installing this. Never know what may happen.
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