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    Gaming Nintendo lets a guy with terminal phase cancer play SSBU early

    they did that in the past too - ofc it has also a positive effect in marketing, but saying they only do it for that is kinda bold towards bigN and the fellow gamer who's going to die soon.
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    Nintendo announce new Nintendo Mobile Direct focusing on 'Dragalia Lost', airs tomorrow.

    yes, because that's the first and only jrpg were you could transform into a dragon! thieves! lol.
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    Homebrew WiiU probably Bricked

    did he use a legit copy of brain training?
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    Gaming MyNintendo Switch Rewards Coming in March

    it's a better ratio than most cashback programs like payback etc. (for 50$/€ you get 2,50$/€ for digital - so 5%. for retail you get only 1% though)
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    Hacking [Release] NDS VC INJECTOR

    my system is running in german... you hopefully still get it ;D that's the 1st error. if i ignore it it tells me notepad++ is missing (got it installed) and other stuff/paths missing later on.
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    Hacking [Release] NDS VC INJECTOR

    first: good job! but: not working on my end. it works until the script wants to repack with 7z, but paths are wrong/can't be found.
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    Hacking [RELEASE] WiiVC Injector Script (GC/Wii/Homebrew Support)

    i ran into the same problem and couldn't fix it yet. black screen with need to unplug. nintendont from sd and legit wiiu vc run without issues. if you find a solution, please pm me! :)
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    Hardware [Poll] Nintendo Switch warp

    2 ppl reported a bent dock... must create a poll... srsly, stop it already.
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    Hacking How to run DS ROMs on Wii U?

    would be awesome if you could dump & share your copy of style savvy since it isn't available in europe! <3
  10. turbotronic

    Hacking Was their just a firmware update?

    same here. so ill wait lol.
  11. turbotronic

    Hacking OTP and A9LH compile service?

    i can help too o/
  12. turbotronic

    Tutorial How to compile and install arm9loaderhax

    someone able to compile it for me? stuck on not having access to my own computer atm. <3 thx in advance ^_^
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