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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Oh, that makes sense, I've exclusively been using the circle pad so I didn't realise :/.
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    Gaming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y discussion/update thread

    Has anybody else noticed that you can't run in long grass normally, but you can if you have the dowsing rod out? Useful if you're bored of walking slowly through grass, hopefully they won't update it to no longer do that.
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    Hardware EZFlash 3-in-1 & WoodR4 Question

    So I have an original R4 with WoodR4 installed, and an EZFlash 3-in-1. Now I've figured out how to use them together mostly, but one problem is I started Fire Emblem in SRAM and got to chapter 9 with it saving. Then I figured I would transfer the game to NOR to make my life easier. Except this...
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    [Essentials] Freeware

    AVG Free CCleaner Universal Extractor - REMOVED - Google Chrome (especially the new version with extensions ) Picasa HandBrake
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    Wii #1785 - LEGO Rock Band (Europe)

    Bit late to be commenting, but after all these Rock Band and Guitar Hero titles, all with importable songs and most of them have had the songs ripped for custom use online, surely there must be a relatively easy way for me to take all my favourite songs from the series and stick them in one...
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    Best ISP in UK

    Personally I've hated Virgin since I joined with them, but I think it's just my complaint with the way ISPs are going right now. Virgin have absolutely fantastic speeds off-peak, but I frequently have lacklustre speeds during weekday nights, from about 4PM until about 1 in the morning. Partially...
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    ROM sites and R4 Sellers being ratted out

    Source: Kotaku The ROM site I've been using for the past 3 years went down today :'(. Seems quite a few more have as well, damnitt! Guess there'll always be torrent sites at least.
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    No Motion Plus in No More Heroes 2; Classic Controller Support

    This game started out sounding like an overhaul, but after looking at screens and the truth actually behind the game, it seems the creator paid practically no attention to the criticism. I expect this to be practically the same as the first tbh.
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    Cursed Mountain Wii - First Score

    Surprised by the score, when I saw videos of the combat it looked a bit crap. And I didn't know this was coming out any time soon, what's the release date?
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    Some people deserve a punch in the face.

    Oh, well now it's just sad. Her first post says she has Asperger's Syndrome, I think it's best we move along and leave the heartache to her parents. Copied from Wikipedia for those who are not aware of Asperger's:
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    Some people deserve a punch in the face.

    Wow yeah, does it say how old he is? Looks like he needs to be shown just how much that is. Okay, so fine, I'd feel a little disappointed if I didn't get what I asked for and I'd feel a little selfish and ungrateful for it, but this guy takes the biscuit. 'I only wanted an Xbox 360 last year...
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    Gaming Chrono Resurrection?

    Well, I was just reading about how another fan game made 2 months ago was given a cease & desist letter just before it was finalised. Square-Enix have always been really uptight about the Chrono IP, so you're only hope is to do some searching of Chrono on some torrents sites (and I'm not allowed...
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    Gaming [Essentials] PC

    It doesn't look like this is being updated, but +1 for: Plants Vs. Zombies Bionic Commando Rearmed
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    Gaming Chrono Resurrection?

    Just searched, couldn't find anything. I'd like to think I'm pretty thorough as well .
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    Gaming Chrono Resurrection?

    Square-Enix, being a horrible big corporation gave out a C&D letter regarding this years ago. So basically it was cancelled quite a while ago and there's no chance of it being finished. There're a few vids on YouTube showing how awesome it was going to be, just so you can cry over it XD.
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