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    Castlevania Advance Collection rated for release by Australian Ratings Board

    Limited run games release is a hard pass for me. Overpriced re-releases. Now if this was released on steam I might show interest. Until then I got rom back ups of my original carts.
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    Homebrew 32x emulation is now on Wii

    GIven my screen name. you can tell i am an idiot. May I ask for some sources for these devices because I would really like to play homebrew on my wii again? Thank you kindly.
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    Homebrew 32x emulation is now on Wii

    This is great,always happy to see new homebrew for our old white emulation box. I just wish there was a wired controller to play retro games on it other than the gamecube. the only reason I stopped gaming on it because batteries or battery packs isn't ideal for the amount of retro gaming I do.
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    The Final Fantasy VII Remake's release date has been delayed slightly

    No. you're just a stupid fanboy and nothing more.
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    Comment by 'StupidGamer1' in 'Christmas'

    no. just very poor and barely have enough to live on. My family don't care to keep contact and I don't expect my friends to give me anything...or anyone for that matter. All I was just trying to say is if you get something and you aren't happy with it,just be grateful that someone in the world...
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    Comment by 'StupidGamer1' in 'What I got from christmas.'

    I got nothing because I am living in poverty and trying to make ends meet so I don't end up on the street.
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    Comment by 'StupidGamer1' in 'Christmas'

    I got nothing. be happy.
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    Comment by 'StupidGamer1' in 'What I got from christmas.'

    I got nothing. so be grateful.
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    When does your personal mental cutoff for "old games" begin? Do you have an end date as well?

    My mental cut off is with NEW games. with the political,wokeness and lack of creativity,my eyes are in the past now and you know what. I am happy with that decision. People will say "you'll miss out on new experiences" No... Games made today I've played something like it before just low...
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    The PlayStation 4 reaches 102.8 million sales, becomes second best-selling home console of all time

    the fanboy circle jerk in here is pure cringe. all modern consoles suxorz.
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    Nintendo shows off “a new experience” by debuting a new accessory for the Switch

    all these people complaining. you could..oh I don't know.. IGNORE IT IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT? people lack common sense these days. Just hate on things and ignorant to everything. I don't care for this thing at the moment,but if I see what it can do and is supported (doubtful) then I'll likely get...
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    Final Fantasy VIII Remastered now has a release date

    meh. HD remakes are lazy to me. hard pass.
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    Software RetroArch offers a quick look at the new features in their upcoming 1.7.8 update

    the UI makes me annoyed to the point I have to use other emulators. this damn thing is NOT user friendly. all these damn options. Maybe it was created for hobbyists? I enjoy simple things and RA isn't that.
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