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    Hardware Wii u locked no pass, cannot add new user

    Can this help? You try to enter the password multiple times until the system offers the "forgot password" option, then you can use this website to generate a rescue password.
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    Gaming POLL: Which Wii Zelda Game was better

    I like them both, but Skyward Sword is my favorite. Twilight Princess is a GameCube game, by the way. It felt like an Ocarina of Time remake to me, and that's a good thing, even though it's less original than Wind Waker. Wind Waker is a better game in my opinion, by the way. Skyward Sword is a...
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    GBAtemp Exclusive GBAtemp Recommends: Mario's Super Picross

    I'm all in for foss and open source, but I have to give it to Nintendo for their UX work is almost always impeccable. Piccross 3D and 3D 2 were amazing.
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    Hardware D-pad compared to Xbox One

    The old one was fine, way better than the 360, even though I also found my way in Street Fighter 4 on it. But the Series X is definitely an improvement. Yesterday I've fired up Mvc Infinite and was able to compete the missions for X and Ryu on the dpad.
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    Hardware D-pad compared to Xbox One

    The new dpad is way more clicky, which I loved. I even spent a couple minutes just hearing it. I liked it a lot, but couldn't test it properly on Capcom fighters as ssf2thdr and mvc aren't ported to Series X.
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    Gaming Do you use Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility?

    Started playing Ori yesterday on Series X only to realize that the original one, Ori and the Blind Forest is not ported yet. Bummer. Then thought about testing the amazing new dpad on some Capcom fighters and neither street fighter 2 HD remix nor mvc2 are available. I know it's extra, but I...
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    CFW and Piracy. What do you think about them?

    I do think that piracy is a big driver on the development of CFW, but I don't think CFW development is wrong. I understand how using software developed by businesses and other people is wrong, they do their work to gain the profit from the selling of such software. But abusing this "right" by...
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    Homebrew Super Mario 64 Port - Wii U

    Congratulations on the port! How is WiiU development nowadays? Can you debug and test your code with Cemu before deploying and testing on the WiiU?
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    Gaming XBOX Series X/S Pre Order

    Managed to get the preorder for Series X. Now thinking of a well deserved one or two day holiday starting on November 10th.
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    Hardware What will the next Xbox be called?

    Xbox 10 to match with Windows X.
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    Hacking Zelda botw on nand, memory stick or harddisk?

    Put wherever you want, you'll die of boredom and your devices (HDD, pendrive, internal NAND) will die from rust before they get affected by the high write cycle count. Seriously, this was a concern on the early days of NAND memory and SSDs. It shouldn't be anymore, unless you are using the...
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    Hacking Is it "jailbreak", "root", or "hacking" the switch?

    It's called jailbreak on the iPhone because Apple has locked the device to allow apps installed from the App Store only. So you are freeing it from Apple's control. On Android, it's rooting because you are unlocking the possibility of using the root account with full permission over the system...
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    Gaming Post your Zelda: BotW recipes here

    It's just a whizrobe. In 3d enemies seems to be larger than 2d.
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay Discussion (will contain spoilers)

    Did anyone find any quests that are more complex, like the old trade quests or Majora's Mask ones? Even the crowned beast is simple (i was thinking of a king skeleton boss that appear at night or something) and the ceremonial trident, that I thought that went downstream is just below the very...
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    Gaming Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Gameplay Discussion (will contain spoilers)

    Shooting fire arrows on them didn't work for me. There is a shrine surrounded by them in the Zora/Central area, i got there gliding from a mountain.
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