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    Gaming Smash bros character unlock thread

    I noticed that when you beat classic mode that the "Challenger's Approach" game mode becomes available again. If you lose any of the rematches you have to beat Classic mode again to get it to reappear.
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    Hacking Gateway 2.0 Beta Firmware RELEASED!

    I have been trying to update my EMUnand but it just stalls. I left the update running for over half an hour and the progress bar hasn't moved from about 10%. Has anyone had this issue and is there a way to fix this?
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    Hacking Any way to get rid of update prompt?

    I had to format my 3DS to get rid of the update prompt.
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    Hacking Any way to stop 3DS asking to update?

    Is there anyway to stop the 3DS from asking to update every time I turn it on? I'm worried I might hit Ok on accident. I already have parental controls on and my wifi is turned off, so would hitting Ok even do anything?
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    Hacking Changing a Game ID

    Thanks giantpune for the link, that seems to be what I need. I tried it but I cant get the disk to work, but I am guessing that I am doing something wrong. I will report back when I get it working to see if it worked.
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    Hacking Changing a Game ID

    I tried using that program and it didn't work. I used a NTSC Mario Kart and changed it to the PAL game ID but it still used the NTSC gamesave I already had. How would I use USB loader GX to change the Game ID?
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    Hacking Changing a Game ID

    Is there a way to change a Wiis game ID for that it will be able save as a different file? I would want to change my Game ID of the PAL version of Metroid Prime to the NTSC version so that I can use a NTSC game save. Thanks to anyone that helps.
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