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    ROM Hack Music files .dsxe

    Ok imma try it and see what it gives, but not now, since i can’t use my computer rn
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    ROM Hack Music files .dsxe

    Hello, i would like to know how to extract music files from .dsxe ds music files (these files can be found within certain games, like burnout legends and other). Thanks
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Haxchi question

    I’d like to know why usb helper vc ds games won’t work with haxchi ? Is the process using the nintendo network to check the ds game or what ? I’d just like to know what’s the difference between the two of them. Thanks
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    Homebrew Coldboot Mocha?

    It remember’s me of something... mmmmmmh.... happened to me to but fixed the issue ( still dont know why and how it happened )
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Problems with Indexiine Installer

    I fixed the issue finally (still don’t know the cause but anyway) this tuto helped me : (didn’t understood a single word, but mimiqued [i dont know how to write it] what he did, and it worked, noice)
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Problems with Indexiine Installer

    Basically, my wii u was already hacked and i don’t know why, but recently, indexiine as decided to go through problems. Now i’m forced to do it manually by going on But the problem is that 1 week out of 2, i don’t have internet so i cant access the homebrew launcher for the...
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Problems with Indexiine Installer

    *and try to relaunch the homebrew launcher from the internet explorer, the wii u crashes, i must reset data to reaccess the homebreww launcher but the problem still happens after that, does soemone know what's going on ?
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    Homebrew Homebrew app Problems with Indexiine Installer

    I'm currently experiencing a HUGE problem, Whenever i install indexiine a
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    Hacking Homebrew app BBloader is bs ?

    Is formating the wii just gonna delete my data (i did a backup of absolutely anything) or is it gonna completely "Reset" the wii ? auto Double post hello, Can i try and download the wii full ios on NusDownloader and find a way to install every wads without bricking the wii ?
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    Hacking Homebrew app BBloader is bs ?

    ... oh auto Well, i didn't even knew that was possible on wii sooooooo, no. R.I.P my wii. Now that i think about it ?, is any bios working for any wii or is it unique per wii ?
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    Hacking Homebrew app BBloader is bs ?

    I don't know why, but since i did the mistake of installing BBloader on my wii, it just won't even search for any wi-fi connections, and it won't connect to any either, can somenone help me, i always try to reapair it, but it won't work, is there a wii internet driver somewhere or can we install...
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    Hacking Question Soft-modding a possibly patched switch ?

    So i looked up on a website ( i dont remember which one tho) that i have a possibly patched switch, so what if i try to cfw it ? If it is patched, will the console brick or will it just not work, like, not detecting the cfw and wont do anything, pls answer
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    Homebrew Homebrew app HidToVpad Xbox one controller impossible to use ?

    Either I am Dumb, or is it the app. I can't seem to connect my Xbox One controller for the wii u, it is plugged at the front without batteries, and it can't turn on when plugged with the wii u ? have I done something wrong is it the app ?
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    Hacking Problems Converting BRSTM's to IDSP

    Wait, I'm actually lost, how have you turned the brstm to idsp ?
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    Gaming ModMoon not working for Smash 3ds (00040000000EE000)

    Looks like i am never going to know the answer to my answer
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