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    ROM Hack Rune Factory 4 S Hacking Thread

    I've been wondering about that as well. It shouldn't be too insurmountable to do it, as the save files are nearly identical. I've found the 3DS file has the same landmarks and identifiable data segments at the same offsets as the Switch version until around 1e5c0 or so. At some point after that...
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    Mighty No. 9 is Megaman's spiritual successor

    It's not 100% original, and it shouldn't be. But come on, I would have expected at the very least changing a few details around. Even if just the setting or something. They had the chance to do it now. Sorry that my opinion differs from yours. I apologize for any physical injuries it might...
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    Mighty No. 9 is Megaman's spiritual successor

    I am just saying that it is not original at all. It's not hard to notice that it's pretty much Mega Man with changed names. Whether you like that or not is another story. I don't.
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    Mighty No. 9 is Megaman's spiritual successor

    Oh boy, how original.
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    Wii U Pokemon footage?

    My problem with Pokémon is that it isn't changing at all. Same thing, new pokémon, new region. The pokémon are not even completely new, just slightly modified old ones with new looks. Same for the areas. The appeal of Stadium style games is dead. It might have been cool seeing your pokémon in 3D...
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    Favourite Game Songs

    That's all I can post for now. As you can see, I'm not very good at bounding my favorites.
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    Gaming Greatest PC Game of All Time

    Chef Boyardee's Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden, Chapter 1 of the Hoopz Barkley SaGa, even if it's really similar to Shaq Fu RPG. Lucasfilm adventure games come close, though. Edit: Minesweeper is also notable for me as being the game I have spent the most time playing.
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    Best YouTube videos

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    FC30 Bluetooth Controller Contest: Week 2

    I think it's great by itself, but there were too many awesome submissions which were more complex. I've seen sprites similar to yours in real life on carpets, curtains, towels, etc.
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    FC30 Controller Contest: Week 3

    Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos (NES) Phew, it seems the review system just got improved. The previous version made me feel kind of suffocated with so little space. Now the preview is better and the release date can be specified manually. Thanks to whoever did this. It appears that...
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    Hardware Premiere: Unboxing the Xbox One!

    You can't divide by the magnitude of my trust towards Microsoft with this console. The only thing I care about is the controller. Have you seen the Xbox One controller? That thing's nice, slick, black.
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    Hacker group Anonymous, Who are they?

    Anonymous is just the concept of being able to be anonymous. Really, that's all. Anonymous activism, often promoted through hacking (or "hacking"), is just doing stuff anonymously. The only thing in common between all anonymous activist groups is that they all follow the philosophy of not having...
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    FC30 Controller Contest: Week 3

    Good luck to everybody trying this contest. I hope many entertaining reviews come out of it. I have three questions: About rule 3. I'm reviewing a game which I've posted a paragraph or so about on another forum a while ago, mostly describing the gameplay. Would the excerpt being there mean...
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    Solstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos

    SOLSTICE: THE QUEST FOR THE STAFF OF DEMNOS Wizards. Fire. Dungeons. Solstice. Hide your asses, he has a potion! Solstice... Already upon booting the game you are greeted with a colorful picture of a wizard. Not surprising, as it came out by the end of the NES's years, but still...
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    Piracy vs Used Game Stores

    And my opinion on this point is, as long as there is no one losing anything, what is the problem? Not much trying it out before buying it, but buying what you like best. They are. As far as piracy is concerned, though, there are only a few problems, namely how works can last forever, even...
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