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  • u emailed me in the past but i didnt see it until
    long time because i lost my main password to my email and TOOK FOREVER!!
    to get them back but finally i did bro lol .. anyways hit me up thanks as always mate cheers!! :D
    my email is [email protected].. this is second part of message it only let me message to 420 characters
    How to get spam e-mails in just 1 second.
    hey whats up i tried to contact before in the past when tag force 6 was around when we tried to translate it in
    the past before .. anyways i tried and asked before in the past i could help on rest of translation stuff
    including audio and what not but no one or omarrio ever gave me the tools and or programs for
    to help on translating the game and story and whatnot...
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    yumzion90 @ yumzion90: Hey question anyone got 100% switch saves