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    Do you support marijuana legalization?

    Why are we giving the power to our governments to say what we can do with out body or what we can cultivate in our properties? The axis of the debate is wrong. Is not about Legalization, is about why the fuck they can decide and impose their decision to us, individuals, taking decisions that...
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    Are two screens better than one? A week with the Surface Duo

    I disagree, I would love, for example, to play Yu Gi Oh Duel Links with one screen, and still be able to chat with people, for example.
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    Homebrew How to install Yuzu on the WiiU

    yes (not saying it'll be fast, but simple games could run full-speed probably)
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    [HOW TO] Remote PC (VPN, Wake on Lan, Microsoft Remote Desktop)

    Exactly, but unfortunately, in most boards, it only works if the system has been shutdown gracefully, if not, it usually doesn't work. Although maybe depending on the BIOS are options to solve this.
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    Lobster Instagram accounts

    I don't know what lobsters are in this context, but I'm afraid.
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    Homebrew WIP OpenMW for Switch

    I ran it on a Jetson Nano a while ago and the performance was quite Meh, how it does on the Switch?
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    Software Versioning

    For me it's important to have the less ammount of digits possible, it's easier to remember which version is which.
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    Tutorial Setup Compile Environment Windows 10 WSL

    Can you underline where I said that the libraries and tools where mine? I explicity say that I made the image aka installed the archlinux distribution, packed it and exported it. I not only mentioned devkitpro without claiming authory but I followed the GPL license...
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    Tutorial Setup Compile Environment Windows 10 WSL

    can you explain on how is this others people work?
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    Tutorial Setup Compile Environment Windows 10 WSL

    No need to thank :) I wanted to make an image of ArchLinux due to the fact that DevkitPro uses pacman, however if you want to setup an WSL installation is as easy as going to the Microsoft Store and download Debian/Ubuntu/OpenSUSE... other distros as arch needs to be crafted manually or use...
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    Hacking Question SX OS 2.4 BETA - safe ?

    Well, I forgot to mention, my emunand version is 6.1 XD not that old
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    Hacking Question SX OS 2.4 BETA - safe ?

    In my case more than randomly it's a 100% hit, will try to update to 6.2 the emunand and see if that fix something.
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    Hacking Question SX OS 2.4 BETA - safe ?

    Every time I go sleep mode while on SX OS the switch shuts down. booting OFW works OK and sleep mode while on OFW works ok, it's not a big problem since I only use CFW for homebrew/mods but kinda shitty.
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