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    Last song you left on repeat.

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    Save all your important files to dropbox or w.e and wipe your drive / reinstall windows. IMO it just seems easier, faster and more efficient. all my important files are already in the cloud / saved to a separate hard drive.
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    Hacking USB won't work

    Download WiiMC and see if it detects your usb .
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    Hacking Installing themes on 4.3U w/o bootmii as boot2

    To reinstall system menu find the .wad from Modmii and install with YAWMM. Make sure you have the IOS for each system menu. 4.1 = IOS60 4.2 = IOS70 4.3 = IOS80
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    Hacking Installing themes on 4.3U w/o bootmii as boot2

    Priiloader will save you from bricks caused by themes. Priiloader will only stop working if you reinstall the system menu or uninstall the system menu IOS.
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    Gaming want to change C:/Users/account_name

    Make a new account and transfer your files over. Delete the old one.
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    Hacking 2 Xbox 360s, Want to flash em'! No PC =(

    I'd say no flash and use non-jtag exploit till it gets patched
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    Gaming Xbox 360 Non-Jtag Exploit

    This is the best exploit ever and will work untill microsoft does a dashboard update that blocks modded profiles forever.
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    So, yeah...420. Marijuana Day.

    4/20 WOOT WOOT SWED Was at the art gallery like every year.
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    Hacking Ocarina messing up legend of zelda

    Backup your saves before messing around with cheats.
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    Hacking Twilight Princess - Ocarina code for GC/Classic Controller?

    The GC controller code would be sickk
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    Hacking how can i ge to nintendo channel without updating

    Use Wiiscu to update your shop channel.
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    Misc Help: Internet stopped working (Wifi and LAN)

    Not true. WPA/WPA2 is supported too.
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