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    ROM Hack Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver BGM Removal Patch

    The links have been fixed, enjoy.
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    Hacking Suggestion Downloading Switch updates on PC for hacking purposes

    The Switch update and authentication servers probably require a valid TLS client certificate (and matching key). If they do then off-device downloads won't be possible until the/a key is found. All Nintendo consoles dating back to the DSi/Wii have used TLS client certificates--downloads have...
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    Homebrew cxitool -- convert 3dsx to cia directly

    I forked this (the whole 3dstools project, including cxitool and 3 others) on github. The release page has pre-compiled windows executables and the readme has some minimal instructions on how to compile for yourself if anyone's interested.
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    Not sure if sarcasm or not, but they've never been easier to acquire. Even without going the NDA route there is sure to be a fairly active secondhand market on ASSEMblergames. Hell, there's even a debugger unit for sale on eBay. Cost will always be an issue, but from what I hear the "panda"...
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    Ah, well in that case yes. It would require keys from the bootrom (or at least keys that haven't been discovered yet) to decrypt on a computer. Should also be possible to decrypt with Decrypt9 on an updated dev system.
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    Yes but the fixed crypto key for system titles is on that page as well, right next to the non-system key.
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    That has also been possible for some time using nothing but ctrtool/makerom, provided the dev CIA is using the "fixed" dev NCCH keys. See for yourself (ctrl+F, "dev_fixed_ncch_key"). Spoiler alert: For non-system titles it's literally just zeros.
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    That should already be quite doable without any bootroms. Hell the "bigbluemenu" that everyone was using for so long is nothing but a dev "rom" with a banner and (maybe) encryption/signing swap.
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    Homebrew The bootroms

    Can the bootrom of a dev unit be dumped over JTAG as @yifan_lu theorized? Would doing so be helpful? I've seen speculation that the bootrom could be the same between dev and retail.
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    ROM Hack Convert 'Retail' CIA's to Debug

    Has anyone ever actually succeeded in doing this? I don't think it's quite as simple as it sounds (at least if signature checks are still enabled on the dev system).
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    Hacking Unique headers for 3DZs: What about second hand cartridges?

    If you assume the worst from Nintendo, then yes. Personally, I think the very point you mention (nefarious users can make a header public and then sell the original game to an unsuspecting buyer) is why Nintendo won't take a heavy-handed stance against piracy in this manner (again). They would...
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    ROM Hack [Request] Pokemon X/Y map editor No editing yet but it is being worked on.
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    Hacking Is it possible to run a PAL emuNAND on top of a JPN sysNAND?

    Thanks for the insights, I will look into the dev firmware stuff a bit more.
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    Hacking Is it possible to run a PAL emuNAND on top of a JPN sysNAND?

    I'm wondering if it is possible to overwrite all the unique/secret/user-specific values on a PAL NAND image with those from a Japanese one and use the newly overwritten image as emuNAND on a Japenese sysNAND 3DS. Any insights would be much appreciated.
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    More Than Meets The Eye! February Mini Contest! *Contest Closed*

    Diamond dust in the newer pokemon games on Junichi Masuda's birthday.
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